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So Cool!!!
by Monica

I record a lot of songs from spotify by using this iGetting Audio! I think it is the best music recorder I have ever used. Every songs are so clear and I can also edit the music information.

Works like a charm
by Fiona

It is so amazing! I use this iGetting Audio to record a beautiful song and then move it to my iphone! It works like a charm!

Great program to record audios!
by Jeffery

The program can record songs from Spotify. What's more, the recordings are as good as the original sound.

Great software to record my voice
by Jackson

I try to record my voice with this iGetting Audio, it sounds good. Well, I like it so much. And except for this, it is able to record the music on the Internet as well.

Best Streaming Audio Recorder
by Frank

This is cool! I love music soooooo mush! If I know this streaming audio recorder to record songs from my sound card, I can collect them!

I meet the right one
by Elvin

It is a voice recorders that you can listen to through the radio! I think I have found the right streaming audio recorder.

Nice Tool in recording.
by Alice

It'a a nice streaming audio recorder! I can capture any sounds to my iPhone by using it!

Meet my need.
by Aron

I use this tool to record music from spotify! It is so helpful and useful, and I love to use it to record lots of songs!

Helpful Software
by Kenyon

This is really a helpful software that allows me to record pandora music from pc to iPhone. I search for several and compare them, but only find that this iGetting Audio works! I hope i can record more music from pandora.

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