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So great!
by Yuri

The phone screen is too small for games, but Phone Mirror lets me play games on my computer and I can take screenshots and recordings in one click at any time. So great!

Interesting program
by Pearle

I found this interesting program on the website and had a try. It projects my Huawei screen to the computer and the mirroring feature is great. Phone Mirror is a nice program.

How great it is!
by Becky

I tried it and found it worth buying. Can't wait to project the screen of my Samsung and LG phones to my computer together. How great it is!

A very good software
by Chris

Wow! A very good software that Phone Mirror is. Mirror my Android phone's screen to my laptop and I can control the phone too.

view my phone screen on PC
by Larry

I decided to buy this Phone Mirror when I saw that it can mirror Android screen to computer with the original quality of my Huawei phone screen. I now use it to view my phone screen on PC.

Phone Mirror
by Antonie

I used this Phone Mirror to display my Samsung phone to my computer, and a bigger screen makes me more comfortable.

Phone Mirror to control my phone on PC.
by Alex

I work with my computer for a long time every day, so sometimes I am tired of bringing my phone and check it. It is helpful to use Phone Mirror to control and check my phone on PC.

Saving a lot of time
by Laurence

I use it to take screenshots of my Android screen on my computer. So that I don't need to take screenshots on my phone and then transfer them to PC. Saving a lot of time.

Enjoy it
by Terry

I enjoy it a lot to display my phone screen on PC. I can watch videos, play android games. Hope this product gets better.

Nice try
by Nathaniel

The feature is as it shows. It is more convenient to use a bigger and clearer phone screen. Phone Mirror did it.

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