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It did well.
by Jewel

It did well. It was the first time to use your products. My need is to share my oppo phone screen to my computer and i am satisfied with it. I hope it can have more great features in the future. And thank you.

Great experience
by Rue

Great experience and thank you guys very much. It has helped me mirror my mobile screen to the PC so I dont need to bring my phone all the time to check the messages. I have a good experience with this software.

by Conor

At first I didn't know if it would work, but i still give it a try. And i think i can give it a 4-star review now. I am happy to use it. I recommend trying this product.

by Arend

I downloaded Phone Mirror and tried using it on my laptop yesterday. I think what i like most is it is a real-time mirroring, and no delay when I was using. Very smooth. Good and helpful. Plan to keep using your software. Thank you.

Nice try
by Toma

I followed the steps it provides on the website and got my phone screen displayed on the laptop very easily. I bought a month license so the screen quality is very clear and there is no difference between my actual phone screen and its mirroring window. Nice try and satisfied with this Android mirroring software.

Above expectation
by Shantelle

This Phone Mirror software went above my expectation. The mirroring screen is much better than I thought it would be. And it responded very quickly when I click my mouse. I will continue to use it to mirror my phone screen to the computer. Thank you guys.

Show on a bigger screen
by Shawna

To show my friends how I play games on my phone, I share the screen of my mobile to the computer by using Phone Mirror, so they can watch it on a bigger screen instead of crowding together. Nice view.

Phone Mirror is a good Android screen mirroring software.
by Katriona

Phone Mirror is a good Android screen mirroring software. There are no complete steps to set up and start using. I project my Samsung screen to my laptop very quickly. And I use the mouse to switch screen on the laptop very smoothly. Happy to buy it.

A good product
by Marti

I searched phone mirror app online and Phone Mirror was recommended, so I give it a try. To my surprise, it did well. Although there are still a few problems, like I enabled USB debugging twice to connect, it's a good product for me to use.

Phone Mirror review
by Georgiana

Hi, I come here to give Phone Mirror a review. I think I can give it a 5 star. It did what it said on the website. And I read the guide, and successfully run it and screen mirror my OPPO to my laptop in 3 minutes.

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