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Tenorshare Phone Mirror (Mac)


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Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a powerful software

Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a powerful software for Windows PC that enables users to mirror their Android and iOS device screens on their PC. With this software, users can play Android games on their computer using a game keyboard, mirror their Android screen, and control their Android phone from their computer. Additionally, users can mirror their iPhone and iPad screen to their computer via WiFi, making it easy to share content and view it on a larger screen.

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Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a free screen mirroring software

Tenorshare Co., Ltd. created this phone mirror program that enables you to control your mobile device from your PC using a mouse and keyboard. Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a free screen mirroring software that allows you to screen share your mobile screen to your PC or Mac.

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Screen mirror phones with complete control and zero limitations

If you are wondering how to mirror phone to laptop, Tenorshare Phone Mirror allows screen mirror phones with complete control and zero limitations. So, you can play games, transfer files, and watch movies on a bigger screen without any hassle.

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Real-time screen mirroring

Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a highly useful mobile phone tool that enables Windows PC users to establish a direct connection to their Android smartphone, and directly access its numerous features via real-time screen mirroring!



Very useful software for screen mirroring!

I visited your website and downloaded Phone Mirror and applied on my pc. It seems very nice while view ing the phone screen on pc. And it gives very clear quality.

tenorshare author Flint 2022-01-18




Great software

I really appreciate your good work. thanks for providing us with this great screen mirroring software. I have used it for more than a week and will keep up using it.

tenorshare author Maria 2022-01-17




Just what I needed

I needed a stable mirroring to display my phone to the laptop. Bought this software and played it for 2-3 hours, and there's no delay at all. Just what I needed. Thank you.

tenorshare author Rita 2022-01-17




Interesting & Useful

It is another interesting and useful tool I found on your website. Enjoy it a lot. Phone Mirror will be a trend in the future. I hope more and more people can know this software.

tenorshare author New 2022-01-13




Thank you very much

I used Xiaomi and Windows 10 PC. At first I couldnot control my phone on the computer, but the support team helped me and taught me how to set it up. Now I can use Phone Mirror to control my phone screen and open apps with the mouse very well. Thank you very much.

tenorshare author Domi 2022-01-13




Easy to use

Phone Mirror is very easy to use for me. I let my phone screen display on my laptop very quickly and use it very smoothly. Haven't found any problems yet.

tenorshare author Darby 2022-01-06




Work great

This product works great for my Samsung Galaxy phone. I know it from my friends and use it for a period of time. Thank you guys for providing a good screen mirroring software.

tenorshare author Sheri 2021-12-31




So much convenient.

My phone is OnePlus, and I used Phone Mirror to screen mirror my phone to my PC. It is a very useful tool to help me, so I do not need to pick up my phone and check the messages. So much convenient.

tenorshare author Briony 2021-12-30




Great service

It provides very great service and your support team also provides very friendly service. I enjoy using Phone Mirror a lot. Thank you.

tenorshare author Luke 2021-12-27





Well it can be used for free basically. I use it to display my phone screen to the PC to read and reply my messages. Thanks. It helps me.

tenorshare author Phili 2021-12-23



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