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by Bairre

I just found Phone Mirror can be used on Mac now and gave it a try. It did work and i was very happy about this software. Thank you.

useful software
by Anna

Successfully send text messages on the computer while mirroring my phone to it. Very nice to view and easy to use. The detailed instruction is very friendly to me.

Do work for Vivo
by Jemmy

I can mirror Android apps on my phone to my computer, and run them successfully. Use the USB cable to connect my device and follow instructions to get it to work in a minute!

Stable and clear casting
by Henry Stern

It is super easy to use and works very smoothly on my Samsung. It helps me cast my phone to my laptop so I can watch my media files on a larger screen.

100% satisfied
by Alyce Lavonne

A software that can screen mirror Android phone to the computer without no delay. I have used it for a period of time and it succeeds every time. I strongly recommend it.

by Clement

For me this screen mirroring feature is excellent. And I paid about $30 to purchase this software. And I was looking for more wonderful features your guys will create in the feature.

by Callista

I found this interesting and useful software PHONE MIRROR! I just wanted to try to share the screen on my computer, and I found that it even can let me use the mouse to run apps on my phone. Wow.

Greatly appreciated!
by mahalia

I was able to get it connected quickly without a problem and i can use my mouse on my laptop to open apps on my phone. This is a great way to not only mirror but control the apps on my phone.

by Kerrie

Hi I was able to control my mobile phone on PC while I did that screen mirror, and this was VERY helpful. Thank you.

Very useful software for screen mirroring!
by Flint

I visited your website and downloaded Phone Mirror and applied on my pc. It seems very nice while view ing the phone screen on pc. And it gives very clear quality.

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