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Mark it
by Freddymother

Strongly worried about my son's eyes after having online class so long. But what makes angry is that we quarrel with each other about how many hours can he use his iPad for class and game. Well, I set the screen time to iPad but something goes wrong and I don't know why. Anyway this tool needs to pay but it's cheap. I DON'T CARE THE PRICE BUT I WANT TO EDUCATE MY SON

Trust ME
by Novice

Trust me. what a big problem of itunes backup encrypt password i solve it with 4key. it's to put that fast to unlock it. i like it.

Suddenly remember
by Charlie

I downloaded it a long time ago, but it has never been used. This time because of the epidemic, there is no way to find someone to open the itunes backup password.

like the fast speed
by Sweet Girl

it's so fast that i remove my itunes password with the latest version. well, it's so satisfied that i have no other words. only thanks dear.

Wawwa, thanks
by Sonya

Hi, tenorshare team. Thank you. Last week, I got a new iPad Pro 2st before that I had iPad 4th gen. WELL, I cannot set it up with a backup from the old one as in iTunes. I had encrypt local backup option but I dont remenber the password. Well thanks bro it really help me solve.

Max says good tool
by Max

This tool is good. I used it to decrpt iTunes local backup password which I forgot for several months owning to seldom use iTunes. Now I can backup my data without password. Is it nice?

Kepp all my music
by Gill

Well, I Dont want to lose all my songs, so I try to backup all my songs with itunes. Ooops, forgetting the password of itunes. cannot use the backup feature. (I'm sure that this tool is really useful, that enable me backup all my favorite songs.)

by Lukas

I try to restore my iPhone from iTunes backup, but it always popping up for my password to unlock iphone backup. I have no idea about what the password is. But google recommend this tool and finally help me unlock my backup

unlock screen time password
by Binddeesh

I know I can't spoil children, so I set screen time on the iPad. I don't know why, iPad shows wrong password. No way, Just only unlock it with this software. Bacause I have used ReiBoot of Tenorshare before.

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