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Works great
by Kara

For no reason, my iPhone stopped accepting the passcode even if it's right and after too many attempts,it's disabled. Thanks to 4uKey, it works great and bypass the lock screen in a few minutes.

Great program
by AyyazAhmed

Very handy software to unlock my password locked iPhone7.

Great Software!
by Mike

This is a nice program to me, i just used it to get rid of my forgottten iphone 7 passcode, so many thanks to 4ukey.

Thanks for unlocking my phone
by JenReed

I bought an used iPhone 8 from Best Buy and it has a passcode lock. 4uKey helped me remove it and get into the device quickly.

Successfully removed my passcode
by Julie

I can't remember my iPhone 6 passcode. Tried several times and got the device disabled.iTunes could nor connect and asked me to unlock first. I was really upset and resorted to 4uKey. It has successfully removed my device.Thanks so much!

Useful tool
by Byran

Worked like it advertised. Successfully removed my Face ID.

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