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Great for Mac
by Nell

As for a Mac user, I must say many software tools are not good for Mac, but 4ukey is an exception. I can use it without any problem, I love its nice interface and instructions!

worked like description
by Sylvanus Celestine

unlock locked my iPhone 6s, I will keep using it as I have a bad memory.

iOS 13 Unlocked!
by Azat Aghavni

I am a new user of Apple and just use my iPhone 11 for a month. I completely forgot my screen passcode as I set up it in the Apple store and then used face ID and Fingerprin. My phone locked due to my little Nephew, I cannot scold him as he is just 2 years old so I search for ways to solve the issue by myself. 4ukey is the one on the top search, so I tried and glad to found that I could use my iPhone again! It's really a good product!

Can this tool unlock my iPhone x without password?
by Jack

I was using my phone normally today and i just randomly forgot the password. It's still unlocked but i can't remember my password to change it in touch id & passcode,Can this tool unlock my iPhone x without password?

unlock my iphone
by Hayley

my iPhone 7 screen died a few days ago and is completely unresponsive to touch. I had the screen replaced and when that did not work had the touch IC replaced. The display appears fine but it is completely unresponsive.Later, i use 4ukey to unlock my iPhone so that i can access to my phone without password.

Requires no technical skills
by Jaime

Easily to remove my lock screen passcode of iPhone x. Just 3 steps!!!

Unlock Apple ID
by Aland

Unlock apple id

it is not support my device
by Tarun yadav

its worth software

Really a great software for Apple ID removal!!!
by Eddie Adu-GYamfi

Thank you, guys. I finally can use this iPhone without limitation after removing the Apple ID.

I will always keep this software.
by Pearson

It only takes simple steps and a few minutes to bypass the locked screen. This saved me a trip to the apple store. Thank you to the people who made this,

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