How to Transfer Data from One Phone to Another

Want to but are unsure of how to transfer data from one phone to another? Your best option is iCareFone iTransGo. It makes data transfer simple and operating-limitation-free to transfer data to new iPhone from Android. The greatest part is that you can transfer after setting up the phone; there's no need to reset it! The whole transfer process is very easy and time-saving. Try it out by following the below instructions!

Available for macOS 13 Ventura now Available for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

Follow the steps below to transfer data to new iPhone:

1.Android to iPhone Transfer

Step 1: Download and Launch iCareFone iTransGo

Download and Launch iCareFone iTransGo on your Computer. Then click the “Start” button in the Android to iOS section from the main interface.

Android to iPhone Transfer

Step 2: Connect Both Android and iOS Devices

Connect your Android and iOS devices to the computer by using USB cables. To make your phone detectable, you enable some permissions on your devices.

Android to iPhone Transfer

On Android:

On your Android, you need to enable USB debugging by following the instructions. (The quickest way: Search USB debugging in Settings and enable it.)

Android to iPhone Transfer

On iOS:

On your iPhone, click Trust. If the trust pop-up does not appear, reconnect your device to your computer.

Android to iPhone Transfer

Now both your Android and iOS devices are detected. Click “Start” to continue.

Android to iPhone Transfer

Step 3: Scan Data from the Source Device and Start Transferring

1. Now select the data to be scanned.

Android to iPhone Transfer

If the “Messages” data is selected, you should Set the “Connect” app as the default SMS app on your Android.

Android to iPhone Transfer

Why should you do so:

  • Only the default SMS app on Android can transfer message data due to limitations in the system.
  • You can change the default SMS app back to the system's native app after the transfer is finished.
  • Please rest assured that no private information will be saved in the process.

2. Now Click “Start Scan” to continue.

Android to iPhone Transfer

Please enable the permission required on your Android device. The appropriate permissions must be obtained before scanning and transferring data due to the limits of the Android operating system.

Android to iPhone Transfer

3. The program is scanning data from the source device. Within seconds, you will see the data numbers and sizes in detail. Click the “Transfer Data” to continue.

Android to iPhone Transfer

Step 4: Data Transferred Successfully

1. The selected data is now being transferred to the target device. Please do not disconnect during the transfer process. And the time may vary depending on the amount of data.

Android to iPhone Transfer

2. Congratulation! Everything was Transferred successfully! Now you can open your device and check the data. If you need any help, please contact our support team and we will get back to you within 24 hours on business days.

Android to iPhone Transfer

Here's a video guide for you

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