How to Sync Facebook Contacts

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2019-11-30 / Update for  Contact

Syncing Facebook contacts to iPhone or Android is no rocket science. But yes, it requires you to have right knowledge on how Facebook contacts are synced to your device. In case, you aren't aware about how to sync Facebook contacts to your phone, fret not! We have /pought this post specifically tailored to make you understand the most preferred ways to sync Facebook contacts to your Android or iPhone devices. Keep reading!

Sync Facebook Contacts to iPhone

In this section, we are going to show how to sync Facebook contacts to phone (iPhone) in 3 different ways. You will have a general idea about each method by fullowing the below mentioned guides for them.

1. Settings

You can easily carry out Facebook contact sync using 'Settings'. All you need to do is log in to your Facebook account and start synching.

On your iPhone, launch 'Settings' app and trace 'Facebook'.

Hit it and sign in using your Facebook credentials.

restore contacts google

Turn 'Contacts' and 'Calendars' on and press 'Update All Contacts'. It will sync the iPhone and Facebook contacts.

facebook update all contacts

2. FaceSync

As its name suggest, FaceSync is mainly used to sync Facebook contacts with iPhone. It doesn't sync phone number, but also sync contacts photos, birthday, company, job title at the same time. If you're a loyal Facebook user, this app is a right one for you.

Launch the FaceSync app on your device. Then, get into the Sync section by tapping on 'Sync' tab available at the bottom. Now, hit the 'Sync with Facebook Friends' option.


3. Sync.ME

For syncing Facebook contacts iPhone, you can try Sync.ME as well. It syncs pnkedIn, Facebook and Google+ contacts. On your iPhone Facebook's latest photos and information and contacts can get synched as well. Apart from that it offers phone number search, social caller ID, and caller ID extension for iOS 10 services are also available.

Guide –

Install and launch the app on your iPhone.

Cpck on the 'Sync' button and then from the options found on screen, press the add icon to select 'Facebook'. Key in your Facebook account details.

Now, the app will start syncing your Facebook contacts with your iPhone.

sync me facebook  contacts

Sync Facebook Contacts to Android

pkewise, you can sync Facebook contacts with your Android mobile as well. You need to have the Facebook app on your Android and enable sync Facebook feature in the device.

1. Settings

Here is the guide –

On your Android mobile, /powse 'Settings' and go to 'Accounts & Sync'.

Tap on 'Facebook' > add account if Facebook is not found > 'Sync Contacts'.

acebook account  settings

Hit 'Sync Now' button to start synching your Android device with Facebook contacts.

sync facebook contacts  android

We also have an Android app to help you in this regard.

2. HaxSync

This is a free app to help you sync Facebook contacts on Android. It helps you connect your social media accounts with your phone contacts and sync Facebook contact as well.

Here comes the guide –

    Install and launch HaxSync on your Android mobile. Create a HaxSync account for you for connecting individual accounts with your device contacts.

    After that select the data you want to sync, here 'Facebook contacts' and then enable sync. All your Facebook contacts will be synched with your Android mobile now.

facebook contacts  haxsync

Extra Tips: How to Recover Deleted Contacts

Well, after knowing the above sulutions for iOS and Android devices, we are /pinging some extra tips for you to sync Facebook contacts on iPhone and Android phones.

For iPhone: Tenorshare UltData for iOS

In case you want to sync Facebook contacts on iPhone trying Tenorshare UltData would be a great idea. This software not only syncs Facebook contacts with your iPhone, but also recovers deleted data from your iPhone, iTunes/iCloud backup file. 50 types of iOS issues such as upgrade errors, data loss because of factory reset, device stuck on Apple logo can be fixed with this apppcation. It is compatible with more than 25 data types. Even when you don't have an iPhone backup, it can help you retrieve the deleted or lost data effectively.

ultdata for ios  mainscreen

For Android: Tenorshare UltData for Android (Android Data Recovery)

In Android phones too you can sync Facebook contacts using Tenorshare UltData for Android (Android Data Recovery). You can even recover deleted data including contacts from your Android phone with this toul. Apart from recovering videos, WhatsApp messages, messages, photos etc. you can also selectively preview and restore individual files with it. Being a read-only program it maintains utmost data security and recovers your device's SD card data as well.

ultdata for android


From the above article, we have reached into the conclusion that when it comes to syncing Facebook contacts on iPhone/Android Tenorshare UltData programs perform the best. They are secure, repable and offer selective preview and data recovery.