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very crazy feel use it !

this is very fantastic sofware mirror screen phone to pc/laptop very well EXPERIENCE

iPhone screen mirroring
by Avis

It can help me screen mirror my iPhone to my laptop via Wifi. Very easy to use. Nice experience.

Phone Mirror
by Lorine

I play mobile games on my laptop with the program for a few hours and find it working. Thanks

by Martin

So far, I tried this Phone Mirror to mirror my Samsung phone to my laptop, control it with the keyboard, transfer files between the two devices, and play the mobile game too. All works fine.

Work Fine
by Emilia

Get how to screen share my Xiaomi phone to my desktop, and check my messages without opening my phone every time. It's great to have this software. I used it for about 5 hours yesterday and found no problem.

I like it
by Laura

I like this software. It is very good. I apply keyboard controls to play mobile games on my computer.

Game Keyboard
by Gisselle

I just updated the Phone Mirror on my laptop, and found the new game keyboard feature. I tried it for 10 minutes, and it was really useful for mobile games. So I bought it for longer usage.

First time
by Aron

This is the first time I use your products. I download Phone Mirror on my laptop, and use it for a while. And then I decided to buy it and continue to use it. Really like the keyboard mapping feature.

Android on Mac
by Hardy

I can't believe an Android phone can run on a Mac. This software did it. Simple steps and clear images. Excellent.

A very good software
by Anat

This Tenorshare Phone Mirror software is very good. I can display my phone screen on the computer, use it and even play mobile games with the keyboard. Interesting.

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