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LOL, my lost emojis come back finally.
by James

I love to use some emojis and all of them, i didn't where they were, but thanks to the tool, called UltData for Android, I found them again now.

Stickers are fully recovered.
by Thomas

I love to have a large number of stickers on my Samsung, but I just accidentally deleted some, luckily, I restored.

Best way to recover lost audios directly
by Charlie

My audio files were missing and I found this software was terrific becuase it helped me to get back. Thanks, I never worried about being blamed.

Love to comment, cuz I really found my missing documents because of factory reset without backup.
by Banjermin

I just want to keep my android phone fast and erase all data on my phone, but finally, I remember that some files need to be used. Thanks, I purchase the UltData and no worries anymore.

Recover my call history!!!
by Brine

I didn't imagine that this third-party tool helped me to find all lost calls, because some were just gone for no reason.

You need to buy / register app before start to use it
by Michael

After connecting device to computer app asks for registering / buying before taking any action. I can't preview or have any other glimpse whether it will recover items I want to recover. At this point I am not sold to it.

I just want to recover precious memories from my old android phone.
by Yeagh

christmas never comes to an end, and I want to recover last year photos on my phone. this tool is great and I indeed recover them.

Good experience with UltData for Android
by Titan

Help me to find lost data on my old android phone without root. Because I really want to get those data back when I get new iPhone 11 pro.

Powerful and fast to help me find lost files from dropped phone
by Neangon

It's my first time to recover lost data, just for some accidental dropping damage, thanks

I finally see the lost pics on my android phone.
by Lauran

I just want to find the deleted pictures on my old android phone lg, because they are precious for me, so I try my best to recover. Of course, this software called ultimata is really helpful, thumbs up.

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