ReiBoot V8.0.0 Now Available on Windows and Mac


Tenorshare ReiBoot V8.0.0 is now available for all users, bringing all-new UI and feature enhancements.

reiboot pro and reiboot free released

Like always, Tenorshare team has conducted comprehensive performance tests of ReiBoot features before launching to iDevice users. Let's breakdown what improvements Tenorshare has made to ReiBoot V8.0.0:

  • Redesigned UI and logo.
  • Adds new feature "Reset Device" which supports resetting iOS device.
  • Combined two modules of entering & exiting Recovery Mode into one and optimized process to help you solve iDevice stuck issues.
  • Optimizes the feedback portal so that we can deal with your feedback faster.
  • Fixes some bugs.

Function 1: iOS System Repair

Compared to the previous version, this feature is more intuitive for users who want to fix iOS system issues directly. ReiBoot V8.0.0 still has two repair modes – Standard Repair and Deep Repair. Now, you won’t be confused about what’s the difference about them because you can find the answer on the interface.

Function 2: Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

In addition to making 'Enter Recovery Mode' and 'Exit Recovery Mode' into one portal, the operational steps are also easier than ever to use. Only 1 click, you can put your iDevice into Recovery or get it out of Recovery Mode. As always, they are FREE.

Function 3: Reset Device

Reset Device is now visible on the main interface, enabling users to do two things: Factory Reset and General Reset.

Factory Reset removes all the data and reverts your device’s settings to defaults. So, whether you want to fix some iOS bugs, or just want to erase all data before selling or giving it to someone else. It is the correct choice for you indeed.

General Reset will walk you through how to use the iPhone Reset feature, allowing you to reset iPhone settings to their defaults.

Price and Compatibility

Tenorshare ReiBoot V8.0.0 starts from $29.95 per month, and now you can use 30% off coupon code to buy ReiBoot Pro Windows Version – 1 Month /1-5 Devices, ReiBoot-EDM-30OFF. The coupon code is valid for one month from Jan 27, 2021 to Feb 26, 2021.

The current ReiBoot V8.0.0 allows you to fix your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Apple TV box system issues on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista or macOS 10.9 or older

To learn more about Tenorshare ReiBoot V8.0.0, please visit Tenorshare ReiBoot or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

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