Frequently Asked Questions for TunesCare

  • 1. Can TunesCare be used for free?

    TunesCare has 2 functions, Fix iTunes Sync Problems and Fix All iTunes Issues. You can use the Fix iTunes Sync Problems function to test your iTunes status and fix iTunes synchronization problems for free, but if the free function cannot solve the problem, or if you have any other iTunes errors, you can upgrade to the pro version and then use Fix All iTunes Issues to fix it.

  • 2. What should I do if the software fails to start/install fails?
    • 1. Switch the network and use the network cable
    • 2. Ensure sufficient space on the computer hard disk
    • 3. Try another computer or restart the computer
    • 4. Try disabling the anti-virus system

    If it still fails, you can send us a screenshot if there were any error prompt during the installation, and tell us the operating system of your computer. We will analyze it for you for free.

  • 3. What should I do if the program is stuck/automatically exited/crashed?

    You can open the task manager, turn off other processes, and then download the latest version of TunesCare to try again.

  • 4. What should I do if iTunes reports an error?

    There are different kinds of iTunes error codes caused by different elements, such as communication Failure, USB Connection Problem, invalid response, and being prompted to restore again after a restore completes, Security Software conflict, and Hardware issues as well. In addition to hardware problems, you can use the Fix All iTunes of TunesCare to solve all other errors.

    Also, we have very detailed articles about the iTunes error report for your reference.

  • 5. What if the repair fails?
    • 1. You can tell us the specific problem with your iTunes.
    • 2. If there are any errors during the repair process, you can take a screenshot to us.
    • 3. You can send through the log files for us to analyze as well. Here is the log path for Windows version: Right-click the icon of TunesCare, open installation location, find Log folder and send all files under Log folder to us.

    At present, we have not added logs to the Mac version, you can contact our technical support directly for help through the problem description.

  • 6. Can TunesCare repair the old version of iTunes?

    TunesCare cannot repair the old version of iTunes, it can only upgrade iTunes to the latest version to repair.

  • 7. Can TunesCare repair corrupted backup files?

    If the backup is corrupt, iTunes will prompt you that the backup is corrupted, but this does not mean that iTunes is corrupted. TunesCare is designed to fix the iTunes problem itself, it can't repair a corrupted backup.


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