Frequently Asked Questions for ReiBoot for iOS

  • 1. What can I do with the free version of ReiBoot iOS?

    You can use the free version for free without any registration code. The free version of ReiBoot iOS can help your device enter recovery mode with one click for free and exit recovery mode with one click for free within 5 times. Some simple system problems can be solved by exiting recovery mode. If your system problems are more complicated, you can upgrade to pro version to repair it.

  • 2. Can I downgrade the system with ReiBoot iOS?

    ReiBoot iOS only supports downgrading from beta to the latest Official iOS version. No other downgrades are supported.

  • 3. What is the difference between standard repair and deep repair?

    ReiBoot for iOS has two repair modes, one is standard repair and the other is deep repair. By default, ReiBoot iOS uses the standard system recovery mode, this recovery mode will not cause data loss and thus is recommended. However, if you failed to repair the iOS system in the standard mode, you can choose "Deep Repair". This advanced repair mode can repair the system more deeply but it will wipe out all data in your device. If your devices with more glitches that cannot find a way through a standard repair while the deep repair is the only effective solution for it, the deep mode can improve the success rate.

  • 4. Will I lose data if I put the device in DFU mode to repair the system?

    About recovery mode and DFU mode, we have detailed articles for your reference.

    In addition, we have some warm tips.

    • 1. If your phone is in recovery mode already, we still recommend that you follow the guide on the program page to re-enter recovery mode and then repair the system to ensure you have entered this mode correctly.
    • 2. In the impression, you may think that putting the device in DFU mode to repair the system will definitely lose data, but it is not. If you purchased ReiBoot iOS, you can put the device in DFU mode, then select the standard repair in ReiBoot iOS to repair the system, and you will not lose data.
    • 3. You can switch back and forth between recovery mode and DFU mode, and then choose standard repair or deep repair to repair the system at your will. For that way, the success rate of repairing will be greatly improved.
  • 5. Can I factory reset iPhone without knowing the password?

    Yes, you can choose "Factory Reset iPhone" from the top menu to factory reset iPhone without the passcode. This feature deletes all data and settings, including passwords. For details, you can refer to the following guide link.

  • 6. What should I do if the software download/installation fails?

    You can try the following steps and download it again.

    • 1. Switch the network and use the network cable .
    • 2. Ensure sufficient space on the computer hard disk.
    • 3. Try another computer or restart your device and the computer.
    • 4. Try disabling the anti-virus system.
  • 7. What if the software is identified as a computer virus?

    While downloading and installing the program, we highly suggest you turn off any anti-virus software temporarily. The program has been tested and guaranteed to be secure by most mainstream anti-virus platforms. Here are some websites trusted by worldwide users which warrants the safety of our programs.

  • 8. What should I do if the software cannot recognize the device?

    Usually, it can be internet problem or there may be a hardware issue on the USB connection port. Or you can check the below points to rule out the potential reasons that ignored in this process.

    • 1. Try other USB ports and cables for connection. To ensure the high-rate of success, the original cable is highly recommended.
    • 2. Try another computer or restart your device and the computer.
    • 3. Try disabling the anti-virus system.
    • 4. Unplug and re-plug your device several times. Restart the program and connect again.
  • 9. What should I do if the software prompts that the firmware download failed or firmware is not matched?

    You can try the following methods.

    If the firmware download failed:

    • 1. It is recommended to check the network and try again.
    • 2. Re-download it through the browser by tapping the Copy button in the program.
    • 3. Also you can go to this link to download the matching firmware manually.
    • 4. Then click the Select button in the program to import it.

    If the program prompts "Firmware is not matched":

    • 1. Please make sure the IPSW firmware you downloaded or imported is the latest version that is matching with your device.
    • 2. You can delete the downloaded firmware package, and then click Browse button to change another directory to re-download it.
  • 10 What should I do if the software prompts that the computer/ device space is insufficient?

    Usually, ReiBoot for iOS will install to your disk with the largest free space by default. If there is not enough hard disk space, it will give you a prompt. At that time, you can manually change the download path to download it to a hard disk with sufficient space. If there is not enough space for all disks on PC, then you need to free up some disk space in the location where you actually installed the program on. If not, even if you downloaded it successfully, neither standard repair nor deep repair will succeed.

    It is also worth noting that check whether the device space is sufficient. If the device space is greater than 800MB, you can use standard repair or deep repair to repair the system, but if the device space is less than 800MB and you cannot manually clean it, you can only choose deep repair.

  • 11. What to do if the repair fails?

    If you need to keep the data and want the standard repair to succeed, then you need to pay attention to the following points.

    • 1. Make sure your device has more than 800MB of memory and enough space on your PC.
    • 2. Make sure your device is unlocked.

    Because if you can't ensure these points above, you can only go to deep repair. If you don't mind using deep repair, you don't need to consider these. Then you can check detailed guidelines for repair failure by this link.

  • 12. How to find log files for troubleshooting?

    Normally, if the repair fails, you can take the initiative to send us log files for troubleshooting. The Logs folder files relevant to the software use process, we can find failed reason in it also rule out the potential culprit reason that results in this failed outcome.

    *The logs folder path of the Win version is the Logs folder under the program installation path, you can send all the files under the folder to our support team.

    *The Logs path for the Mac version is: ~User/Library/Application Support/ReiBoot/Logs/. The path contains the interface log and the restore log. You can send all the files under the path to our support team.

  • 13. What should I do if the progress bar gets stuck during repair?

    If you are stuck at the front of the progress bar and you have waited longer than half an hour, you can close the program first,then disconnect your device,reconnect and restart it to repair again. Your phone will be safe if you don't disconnect the device directly. If you are stuck at more than 50%, please ensure that the Internet is good and wait for the whole progress to finish patiently.

  • 14. Why am I always suggested to use the original USB cable to repair the system?

    The original USB or the authentic USB cable plays a vital role in the whole repair process. Using a different USB cable might be the reason why the software doesn't function optimally, such as, charge less efficiently, or have an issue when transferring data. So it is recommended to use the original USB cable to heighten the likelihood of success.

  • 15. What do 1-5 devices and 1 PC/1 Mac mean on the ReiBoot iOS purchase page?

    1-5 Devices means that you can repair 1-5 iOS devices. If there are more than 5, your registration code will give you a reminder that the device number limit is exceeded. When you see this prompt, it means that you need to re-purchase our products. After you re-purchase, we will send you a new registration code immediately. Of course, we also have licenses for 6-10, 11-15 device quantities, and the prices are different for users to choose at will.

    At present, all licenses of ReiBoot iOS are only allowed to register on 1 PC/1 Mac, which means that all license registration codes can only be registered on one computer. If you want to use ReiBoot iOS on other computers, then you can re-purchase again and we will send you a new verification code. If not, you will receive a message indicating that the number of computers has been exceeded.

  • 16. What should I do if the software still prompts me to update the new version while it has been updated already?

    First, you can uninstall the current version cleanly and download the latest version as per the link below and be ensure that your computer has the latest iTunes installed.

    For Window:

    For Mac:

    If that prompt still appears after you downloaded the latest version, we can provide free remote technical support to help you.

  • 17. What if my device has a hardware problem?

    ReiBoot for iOS is our main product, it is excellent at repairing the iOS system, but there are many other reasons that may lead to unrepairable, such as hardware problems, jailbreak, the computer environment problem, incorrect operation steps, etc. may cause failure. So before using ReiBoot iOS, we hope that you can roughly check whether the device has a hardware problem. If it does, sorry to say the hardware issue can't be fixed by any software.


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