Frequently Asked Questions for UltData for iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Recovery

  • 1. How can I get a free registration code?

    You can download and use free trial version without a registration code. However, there are some function limitations in trial version. The details are: You can scan iOS device or iTunes backup file for free, but you can only preview the first 4 items of the deleted data in trial version.

    If you'd like to preview the entire data and recover them to computer/device, please purchase a license plan and we will send a registration code to you after purchase to activate the trial version.

  • 2. Can I recover iPhone data after factory reset?

    If the device has been restored to factory settings, which means the data was deleted permanently. Due to technical barrier, there is no software could recover data from iOS device directly after factory reset, so does Ultdata.

    Fortunately, if you have backups in iTunes, then Ultdata can help you to recover data from iTunes. The advantages of using UltData to extract data from iTunes backup are that you can view backup files and selective restore data as you like.

  • 3. What is the difference between Standard Repair and Deep Repair in UltData -iOS?

    The default mode will be standard mode. In most cases, standard mode could help you to fix your device, it will not cause data loss.

    If your device has a serious problem that cannot find a way through a standard repair, then you will have to switch to Deep Repair to solve it. The deep mode may take a longer time than standard mode but it could scan more and deeper for finding system problem solutions to fix your phone. It will cause data loss permanently, even Ultdata could not recover the data lost during the process.

  • 4. Can I recover deleted photos from iCloud backup?

    If the iOS device is running iOS 13 or later and have been enabled two factor authentication, then neither UltData nor any other third-party program could not recover data from iCloud backups. This is technical challenge, our development colleagues are working on it, but it still needs some time.

  • 5. Will the lost data be recovered to computer or to iOS device?

    This program supports to recover all type of data to computer. You can set up the output format and path in Settings before recovery.

    There are some types of data that you can choose to recover to device.

    • 1. Contacts can be restored to device.
    • 2. This program does not support to recover Notes to device running iOS 12 or late directly. (Windows version only)
    • 3. This program does not support to recover Messages to device running iOS 13 or later directly. (Windows version)
    • 4. On Mac version of UltData, you can recover Notes, Messages, and Contacts to device without any limitations.
  • 6. My phone is disabled/locked, can I recover data with UltData?

    UltData will need your phone to unlock to recover data. If your device is disabled, I am afraid Ultdata could not help you this time. If you have backup files, you could use the deep repair feature in iOS system repair to remove the password, and then restore the data from the backups.

  • 7. My phone is broken, can I use UltData to recover data ?

    If the phone has been connected to this computer before and has been trusted, the computer could recognize the device and the program can recognize it, then you can scan the data from the device. If the program does not recognize the device, it cannot directly recover data from the device, but it can extract data from the backup.

  • 8. The pictures are all thumbnails, how to make them in full size?

    The recovered images are only the size of thumbnails, because the original full resolution images are overwritten. Due to technical barrier, there is no software could recover the original full resolution images.

  • 9. What is the difference between UltData and iTunes?

    When you are using iTunes to restore from backup, you can't view backup files or choose several types of data to recover. All you need is to restore the device from the backup file and replace all current data with the backup files. Whereas, with UltData, you can check backup details and select the data you want to recover. More importantly, your current data won't be overwritten by using UltData.

  • 10. Does UltData recover deleted 3rd party app data?

    It depends on the third software. For WhatsApp/Line/Voicemail and Messenger, it supports to recover exited data but does not support to find deleted data currently.

  • 11. Can I recover data after repairing operating system?

    By default, this program will repair iOS system using standard mode which won't cause data loss. Thus, you can continue perform data recovery after system repairing. Whereas, if you have switched to Deep Repair, all your data will be get wiped and can't be recovered by UltData or any other iOS data recovery software unless you have a backup file beforehand.

  • 12. How to recover photos after deleted from recently deleted?

    It is a pity to tell that it is impossible to recover photos by scanning iOS device directly after deleted from the recently deleted album. If you have a backup file beforehand, then UltData-iOS supports to scan iTunes backup file for data recovery.


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