Frequently Asked Questions for 4uKey for Android

  • 1. Will I lose my data after unlocking with 4uKey for Android?

    We want to remind you that the two functions in 4uKey for Android, removing the screen lock and Google lock(FRP), will lose all data.

    With the current technology, as long as the device is locked without you knowing the password or totally disabled, it's impossible to secure the data whatsoever. That's the kind of reality we are confronted with. We are working really hard to keep up with the technology and will waste no time to deliver as soon as the option is available.

  • 2. Which models support removing the screen lock?

    Basically supports all existing Android phones and tablets on the market. Support 60000+ Android phones and tablets, including Samsung, Google, Sony, Motorola, LG, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

    Some android unlocking tools on the market need to enter the phone model before unlocking, but 4uKey for Android does not require it. As long as you can successfully connect the device, the program can unlock your screen lock with just one click.

  • 3. Which models support removing Google Lock?

    The feature "Remove Google Lock(FRP)" only supports Samsung series devices. You can refer to this detailed list for the device models supported.

  • 4. What to do if screen lock removal fails?
    • 1. Connect your computer to a cable network instead of Wi-Fi.
    • 2. Quit the VPN or SS if you are using one.
    • 3. Restart 4uKey for Android and run the unlock from scratch.

    If the issue persists, you can provide the following data to our professional technical support.

    • * What's your phone model, android version?
    • * Screenshot of the error messages you came across.
    • * The logs file, you can find it in the main folder of 4uKey for Android. Right-click the desktop icon of 4uKey for Android, tap Open file location, you'll see a folder named logs, you can send all files under logs to us.

    We will help you analyze and give professional solutions in time.

  • 5. What to do if no matching PDA/country/carrier is found when removing Google Lock?

    When you remove the Google lock, the program will ask you to enter the device's PDA information/country/carrier, etc. If you cannot find a matching PDA / country/carrier, etc., it means that your device does not support this function temporarily. You can send us your phone model / PDA / country/carrier, we will record it and purchase more equipment for testing and will support more models in future upgrades.


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