Wondershare Helper Compact: What Is & How to Remove It

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2021-03-01 / Update for  Windows Tips

Can anyone please advise on the Wondershare Helper Compact which appears every time I turn on my computer. I cannot trace it at all and when I look online, it appears to be a difficult program to remove. I don't recall installing it but, in any case, I just want to delete it completely - any suggestions please?"

If you have installed any programs from Wondershare, you likely have Wondershare Helper Compact installed on your computer. There are multiple reasons why Wondershare Helper exists on your system. This guide tells you what this utility is, what it does on your machine, and how you can remove it if it is causing any issues on your system.

Once you have learned what the tool is and why it was installed on your computer, you should be able to decide whether to keep it or let it go from your computer.

Part 1. What Is Wondershare Helper Compact?

Before you go ahead and decide to keep or delete the tool, it is important to find out what is Wondershare Helper Compact that has been running on your machine for a while now.

Wondershare Helper Compact is actually a utility that gets installed when you install the Wondershare video editor or other apps from this company. It comes bundled with other programs and gets installed when you install any of those other programs on your computer.

Part 2. What Does Wondershare Helper Compact Do?

Now that you know what is Wondershare Helper, you might be interested in finding out what does Wondershare Helper Compact do. It is important to find out the tasks of this tool so you know exactly what it does on your system.

The Wondershare Helper Compact 2.6.0 helps show pop-ups and other notifications on your computer. When you use other Wondershare programs like their file converter or video editor, this utility allows those programs to send you notifications and pop-ups. This way you get to know if a task running in the background in those apps is completed.

Part 3. Is Wondershare Helper Compact Safe or a Virus?

Your next question would probably be if Wondershare Helper Compact 2.5.3 is safe or not. Users have various concerns about this tool and some say it is a virus that slows down their systems.

It is actually a helper tool and not a virus that has been built to damage your system. But if you find that your computer runs slower when this utility is running, it is best you get rid of it as it is no less than a virus then.

That should help you decide Wondershare Helper Compact should I remove it.

Part 4. How to Remove Wondershare Helper Compact from My Computer?

If you finally decide to remove Wondershare Helper Compact 2.5.2 from your computer, you can do that using two different ways. The following covers both for you.

Method 1. Using the Application Manager

Using the application manager to remove Wondershare Compact is the easiest way to get rid of this utility.

  • Launch Control Panel on your computer and click on Uninstall a program.

    wondershare helper
  • Find Wondershare Helper Compact in the list and click on Uninstall at the top.

    remove wondershare helper compact
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and the utility will be removed from your system.

Method 2. Deleting Registry Entries

You will need to remove the registry entries for Wondershare Helper Compact 2.5.0 so it is fully removed from your computer.

  • Download and install the RegScanner tool on your computer.
  • Launch the tool, type Wondershare in the Find String box, and click on Scan at the bottom.

    what is wondershare helper compact
  • Delete all the Wondershare entries that you find in this tool.

Wondershare Compact Helper should now be fully removed from your computer.

Bonus Tip: Best Data Recovery for Windows/Mac – 2020

There are chances of accidental data deletion when you mess around with a tool like Wonder share Helper. If that is what has happened on your system, you may want to use a data recovery tool to recover your files.

Enter Tenorshare 4DDiG, a program that allows you to recover deleted data from your Windows and Mac computers. You can use it to restore various types of deleted files on your machine. It works as follows.

  • Download and install the program on your computer.
  • Launch the program, select the data type you want to recover, and click on Next at the bottom.

    wondershare helper compact 2.5.3
  • Select the location where did the lost files once store and click on Scan.

    wondershare helper compact 2.5.2
  • Find the files you want to restore, click on them, and select Recover at the bottom.

    what is wondershare helper
  • Choose the folder to save your recovered files.

    wondershare compact

Your deleted files should now be available on your computer.


In a word, Wondershare Helper Compact Mac and Windows are utilities to assist other Wondershare programs. It is safe to keep it on your computer but if you find these to be consuming so much of your computer resources, you can also remove Wondershare Helper Compact as shown above.

  Updated on 2021-03-01 / Update for  Windows Tips

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