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by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-08-07 / Update for  Windows Tips

JPG is one of the most popular graphic file formats that is widely used by internet users. However, these JPG files are very prone to become corrupted or unable to open. A corrupt or damaged file is virtually useless and often it contains some cherished moments of your life that you don’t want to lose.

So, if you are wondering how to repair jpeg files without going through a lot of trouble, then read out this article thoroughly.

Part 1: Why Do JPG Files Get Corrupted?

Several reasons can lead to damaged or broken JPEG files including, but not limited to:

  • Abrupt power loss while transferring files.
  • Virus in jpeg files.
  • Broken header.
  • Corrupt storage media in your computer or mobile.

In any case, you need to jpg file repair to fix the issue.

Part 2: Get JPG File Repair with 4 Methods

In the below paragraphs, we will discuss 4 methods pertaining to how to repair corrupted jpeg files.

Method 1: Rename the JPG File to Repair JPG Files

The simplest - and probably the easiest – method to repair damaged jpg files is changing the name of the file without changing its .jpg extension. To do that:

  • Right click on the image and then click on Rename.
  • Then, type any combination of words and hit Enter to save it.

    how to repair jpg files–add file

Hopefully, the image will be repaired automatically.

Method 2: Change JPG to Another Format

One of the easiest methods - that have yield satisfactory results for many users - to repair jpg files is by changing the JPG photo to any other digital format. You can easily find many free online image convertors that can change format from JPG to formats like PNG, PSD, etc.

Many a time, changing the format opens the inaccessible files. So, you must try this method.

Method 3: Use Professional Software to Repair JPG/JPEG

Well, if you are looking for the most effective third-party tool to repair JPG files, then Tenorshare Photo Repair is the software you need. This remarkable program can repair multiple corrupt photos simultaneously to their original quality in just a few clicks. It supports both Windows and Mac operating systems and it’s 100% safe and free from any virus.

To repair JPG photos:

  • After downloading Tenorshare Stellar Repair from official site, launch it on your computer and click Add File on the main screen.

    how to repair jpg files–add file
  • Now, select the damaged or broken JPG photos from your computer and hit on Open.

    repair corrupt jpg files-open
  • The photos will appear in the software. Here, click on Repair to start sharpening them.

    repair damaged jpg files-repair
  • The program will take some time to repair the damaged JPG photos that depends on the number and size of corrupt JPG photos.

    repair corrupted jpg files-processing
  • Once the repairing process is completed, the program will show the thumbnails for the repaired photos. Click OK to proceed.

    how to repair jpg files-ok
  • Here, you can also preview the repaired photos for confirmation by clicking on their icons.

    repair jpeg files-preview
  • Finally, click on Save Repaired Files to store them on any location in your computer.

    repair corrupted jpg files–store

Method 4: Use CHKDSK to Repair Corrupt JPG Files

Many users have reported that performing CHKDSK have repaired the damaged jpg files as this feature resolves the issue of poor sectors on media storage. To repair corrupt jpg files using CHKDSK:

  • Firstly, connect your memory card or USB containing the damaged files to your computer.
  • Then, type Command in the Windows search bar to open the command prompt.
  • Here, type in CHKDSK (drive letter) / r and hit Enter.
  • The Windows will start repairing the files in external drive.
  • Once the process is completed, reboot your computer and check the files again.

FAQs about JPG File

In the last part of the tutorial, we will throw light on the FAQs asked by our customers.

Q1: What Is a JPG file?

A JPG file is a digital image format containing compressed image data. It stores important image details It is the most popular image format to share files on the internet and between computers and mobile phones.

Q2: What is the difference between JPG and JPEG files?

Technically speaking, there is no difference between a JPG and a JPEG file - other than the number of characters used. Both these extensions are used interchangeably.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, JPG files getting corrupt is a very common phenomenon that many users face while sharing them. This piece of writing has elaborated 4 proven methods of jpg photo repair. Among the, Tenorshare Photo Repair is the best tool available to repair any corrupt JPG file.

This wonderful software is designed to perform a comprehensive scan of the damaged file and repair it to its original quality in no time.