Fix Pixelated Images with 5 Ways [Actually Work]

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Pixelation is a very common bug in images where small colored squares with large pixels appear in the photos – making images blur, gloomy, unclear, and of low resolution. It also renders them ineffective to be used for any online platform.

So, you must be wondering how to fix a pixelated photo? Well! This article will discuss in detail everything you need to fix pixelated photos – or can you

Can You Sharpen a Pixelated Photo?

The answer is YES. You need to use various filters in photo editing software to make the pixelated pictures clearer.

What about Repair Pixelated Pictures with Online Tools

The Internet is rightly regarded as the solution to every problem of man. You will find innumerable software to repair pixelated photo online, but I will discuss 2 commonly used software.

#1 Online Tool - Fotor

Fotor is an amazing online photo repair tool that does a multitude of purposes like resizing, reshaping, and redesigning the images. To repair pixelated photos using fotor.

  • Go to the official fotor site and upload the pixelated images.
  • Then, choose the Effect option from the left menu and select Pixelate.
  • Finally, use the scroll bar to select the options to minimize pixelation.

    how to make a blurry picture clear online-open-fotor

#2 Online Tool - Pixellate

Pixellate is another online software to repair pixelated photos in just one-click. To repair photos using Pixellate.

  • Open the official website and upload image to the software.
  • Then, select the ‘Smooth photo’ option from the left menu and the program will automatically improve the quality of the picture.

Hopefully, you have understood how to fix pixelated images using online tools.

How to Fix Pixelated Images with Professional Software

Other than online software, you may use high-end, powerful photo editing software to sharpen a pixelated photo.

#1: Using Photoshop to Fix Pixelated Photo

Photoshop is probably the best editing software. It is unparalleled in editing images in bulk to a clearer and vibrant outlook. However, you may have to purchase some features. To use Photoshop:

  • Download Photoshop on your computer and open the image/s in Photoshop.
  • Now, choose the ‘Filter and Blur’ option.
  • Then, select the Gaussian Blue option and move the slider to an appropriate range and hit OK.
  • After that, select Filter and Sharpen option and choose Unsharp feature.
  • Again, use the slider to get the required level of the filter effect.
  • Finally, save the repaired image on your computer.

#2: Repair Pixelated Image with

Since Photoshop is complicated to use and is costly, you should also use the feature of windows – that is a perfect free alternative to the former. To fix the pixelated image using

  • Open the photo in and select Effects > Blur > Gaussian Blur.
  • Now, use the cursor to move the slider and reduce the pixel effect.
  • Again, select Effects > Photo > Sharpen.
  • Here, use the slider to adjust the appropriate level of the effect.
  • Finally, save the repaired photo on your computer.

#3: How to Fix Pixelated Images through Photo Repair

Tenorshare Photo Repair is a multi-functional photo repairing program that is designed to detect the issues in photos and fix them automatically. Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface make it one of the most popular third-party software to repair pixelated images in no time. It offers the feature of batch repairing – meaning you can fix more than one pixelated image simultaneously.

  • Firstly, download Tenorshare Stellar Repair and launch it on your computer. Then, click Add File on the main screen.

    repair pixelated photo – add file
  • Now, choose the pixelated photos on your computer and click Open.

    how to fix pixelated images - open
  • The photos will appear in the software. Now, click Repair to start fixing the photos.

    update unavailable error
  • After some time, the software will take some time to repair the pixelated photos to the original quality.

    how to enhance a pixelated photo - processing
  • After the repairing process is finished, the program will show the thumbnails for the new photos. Click OK after confirmation.

    how to clean up a pixelated photo - ok
  • You may also see the repaired photos by clicking on their icons.

    how to enhance pixelated image s- preview
  • Finally, click on Save Repaired Files to store them on any location on your computer.

    how to fix pixelated images- store


Photo pixelation is a common issue that badly affects the quality of images and often renders them unreadable. Above are some of the proven photo editing software to fix pixelated images.

Needless to say, of all these third-party tools, Tenorshare Photo Repair is the highly recommended and effective software that has yielded satisfactory results for many customers.

FAQs about Pixelated Images

The following FAQs will provide further insights into pixelated photos.

Q1: Why do images look pixelated?

The foremost reasons for a pixelated image are:

  • Resizing a small picture to make it look larger. Here, the pixels get enlarged too and stretched to a point where they look grainy and blur i.e. pixelation.
  • It may arise due to human error or a fault in the camera.
  • Scanned images may appear pixelated.
  • Images opened with incompatible or malware applications may induce pixelation.

Q2: How to enhance pixelated images?

You can enhance pixelated images using various filters – particularly sharpen and blur – in an effective photo repair software. You may use any of the aforementioned software to sharpen pixelated images.

  Updated on 2020-08-07 / Update for  Windows Tips

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