Top 10 Downloadable Games Websites For Free

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2020-09-29 / Update for  Windows Tips

Who does not love playing games? Some play games to get rid of boredom other play for their passion. Some people make game their daily basic needs. We have lots of people who work full-time gaming and streaming. Virtual reality games have been increasing day by day. We can get real-life experience while playing virtual games.

People play offline games in their free time, while online games are competitive and require skills. In this article, we are going to suggest you through the top websites where you can download games for free and play offline. With the sites provided, you can download the full version of the game for free and enjoy your free time.

Part 1. 10 Free Downloadable Games for PC or Mobile Device

Here are the top 10 websites we are suggesting you free downloadable games for PC and mobile devices.


StarCraft is the epic saga game developed by blizzard entertainment. It is a strategy, Sci-Fi, real-time, commando game. StarCraft is the world championship series that allows multiples of players from all around the world to participate and show their skills. It will enable players to battle online in a galaxy among characters like Protoss, Zerg, and Terran.

starcraft home page


  • It has dazzling graphics of galaxy which feels so realistic to battle on.
  • The game is optimized frequently for removing bugs and glitches.


  • StarCraft has no console version and player seems to be pissed about it.
  • There are lots of threads reported, and they are yet to be solved.

2. is an online gaming site that allows you to download and play games on the go instantly. My play city features more than 1500 downloadable free games. Most of them are arcade games. The games have astonishing graphics and are competitive; there is no boundary for game time and several games to play, you can play as much you like.

myplaycity homepage


  • There is no time and game limitation to play the game on
  • The graphics of games are fantastic and are unique in the sense they provide good times playing.


  • The website sometimes redirects you to ads pages, which are annoying.
  • Some people in console claim downloaded games might contain malware.

3. Download Free Games

Download Free Game is one of the free gaming community sites which allow gamers to download games for free and enjoy on their PC. They offer the best free downloadable games across all platforms, including Windows, Mac. They are trustworthy as their set contains no spyware. They are offering unique game content to their players all around the globe.

download free games homepage


  • Download-Free-Games offer games which are safe and secure to download.
  • The games provided are all legal and do not contain Adwares and Spywares.


  • Game is not optimized at some level; they sometimes freeze and stop working.
  • Norton tech support claims the game might contain spyware.

4. My Real Games

My Real Games provide the hottest games of all. Since the games are free to download and play, developers always look forward to holding interest in every person's game taste. This site provides games of different genre like adventure, racing, galaxy and many more.

my real games homepage


  • My Real Games has many types of games to choose from.
  • They provide hottest and newly released games to engage their players online.


  • The downloaded games might have some issues of not opening and the crashing system sometimes.
  • You get an installer from the site to download games that are not trusted worthy.

5. Steam

Steam is the most loved game distribution platform. It offers high end as well as low-end games. Steam, in this case, is not free to use. Some of their games are free to use, but not all. You can download them from steam installed applications in your PC and start downloading games. Steam has the largest gaming community. They have a 70% gaming market share in total.

download Steam


  • It offers games for both high end and low-end systems.
  • Steam is secured to use.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee if you don't like the game paid for.
  • Their interface is more pleasing to use.


  • Some of the games on steam redirect you to another website for payments.
  • People find it hard to open up the store page of the game in a new window.

6. Good Old Games (GOG)

GOG is the competitor to steam. It is also a digital game distribution platform that features several hot games online. It is listed in the top 50 game distribution platforms by Times Magazine. They have been improving their service day by day by offering new games in their library. This platform brings nostalgic games that are much more visually pleasing to play.

gog homepage


  • People find this platform impressive for new classic games it features.
  • GOG offers DRM free games.


  • Sometimes installation of the game might get broken.
  • Their email support service is not entirely satisfactory.

7. Microsoft Games

Microsoft games are the game distribution platform by Microsoft itself. People with Windows OS in their PC can download these games and play. It features all genres of games, low-end and high-end. Microsoft games are not free to download, but they provide offers for you. microsoft games homepage


  • They provide offers for games on great deals.
  • Microsoft games support Xbox, which allows players to play either in Xbox or in PC.


  • Microsoft games are hard to manage in steam as they lack a .exe file.
  • Games do not take advantage of high graphics on your system.


Blizzard Entertainment is one the best gaming software which focuses on creating highly engaging games that jaw-dropping graphics.

blizzard homepage


  • You can get high-end games at great deals.


  • Players who bought games on have a hard time coping with the refund facility.
  • The payment method is poorly managed.

9. Origin

Origin is one of the game distribution platforms. They feature top games on the list today. They provide games on a great deal.

origin homepage


  • They have an instant refund facility to their customers.
  • They feature top games to buy and play.


  • The payment system is not well managed in Origin.
  • Downloaded games might contain malicious events.

10. Game Jolt

Game jolt mostly features indie games. You can download games after paying for them and enjoy them. 10k+ games are available in a Game jolt. It also features downloadable porn games.

game jolt


  • Game jolt allows streamers and gamers to discover thousands of games.
  • It gives nostalgic vibes to their games with high-end graphics.


  • Game jolt contains adult contents which may not please children.

Part 2. How to Restore Lost Games Files on Computer Quickly?

Are you tired of having your game files lost or got corrupted? We have you covered. You can use the Tenorshare 4DDiG for Windows Data Recovery to recover them. It works as follows:

  • On the home interface, tick the location where the lost files were saved, e.g.,/Desktop/games. If you have no idea, check "The Whole Computer" which will scan the whole system for you.

    selecting a game file location
  • After you open the 4DDiG for Windows data recovery tool, you will see the “Scan” option. Click on it and it will start scanning thoroughly.

    preview file
  • Check the required files and click on the "Recover" to save the recovered data. Do not keep them to the same partition where you lost them; there may be a risk of permanent loss or overwritten.

    browse restoring path