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Windows is running like a snail? Learn how to optimize and speedup your Windows from every aspect.
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Optimize and Speed Up Windows

How to Fix Windows System Resources at 100% When Nothing is Running
You are looking at your screen, confused. The computer is unresponsive and frozen, the fans are blaring at the top speed trying to cool down the CPU temperature, and everything becomes
Top 2 Ways to Fix the Lagging Performance of Windows 10
When you get a brand new PC with a fresh install of the Windows 10 OS, you see that the PC runs very smoothly and it just doesn't lag at all. However, the situation isn't the same after you have
How to Fix Disk Cleanup Stuck or Hangs on Windows 10
No computer can run indefinitely without error, especially when millions or trillions of lines of codes have to be written, deleted, and rewritten every second. That’s why every operating system
How to Repair CPU Automatically Turning Off
Most of the times, a CPU problem of switching off automatically is due to high RAM usage which leads to an overheated motherboard. Having many applications and
[Full Solution] How to Fix High CPU Usage on Windows 8/8.1
When using computer we usually meet the situation that the CPU usage goes even high and computer will get stuck or become slow, etc. Thus
Top 3 Ways to Fix Windows 7 Slow Boot
Just like everything in life, we have the tendency to take amazing things for granted just because we are used to them. You know, things like rainbows, snowflakes, air, gravity, or turning
Top 5 iMovie Alternatives for Windows 10
Back when Mac vs. PC war was still going strong, Apple positioned its products as fun, easy, and made for the creatives. This was the time when iMovie was released along with several other creative-centric desktop apps...
Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 Activation Code License Key
Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 is immensely powerful antivirus software that enables you to protect your PC/tablet/mobile phones again virus, hackers, spam
How to Get IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro for Free
As your PC gets older, it has accumulated with lots of unwanted programs and useless files generated by Windows, register errors and web browsing.
Free Disk Cleanup Download – Tenorshare Windows Care Genius
"My computer runs much slower than 2 years ago. I have deleted some useless pictures and videos in my disk, but the storage still gets smaller and smaller."
What Is the Best Free Computer Cleaner – Windows Care Genius
“Come on, guy. Can you recommend a free windows cleanup tool to save my sluggish Windows?” This is what I heard often from my friends. With the time goes,
How to Efficiently Stop Windows 10 Spying
Since Windows 10 released, it has received a lot of praise, but simultaneously quite a few of complaints from its users also arose, complaining that Microsoft is spying on them
How to Clear Windows 10 Update Cache to Reclaim Disk Space
Want to clear Windows 10 update cache to free up your disk space? Need to delete corrupt update installation files and download them? When you update your system,
How to Disable Telemetry/Data Collection in Windows 10/8.1/8/7
What is Telemetry in Windows? Windows is telemetry collection? What is data collection on Windows? Can we turn off or disable Windows telemetry and data collection?
Free Iobit Advanced SystemCare Alternative – Windows Care Genius
It is quite common that your aged PC gets slower and slower because of overabundant junk files, virus attack. Similarly, there are all kinds of PC cleanup tool
Best 5 Tips to Make Your Old Computer Run Like New
“What can I do to make my old PC run faster and like new without rebooting?” When your computer gets older, it starts running pretty sluggish.
Top 5 Easy Fixes to High RAM/CPU Memory Usage Issue on Windows 10
When you install Windows 10, you may be mad up with the poor experience on it with Windows 10 high memory usage. “My Windows 7 PC used little or no CPU
Free Registry Optimizer for Windows 10/8.1/8/7
With time goes, you may find that your Windows is getting slower or running into other issues like unexpectedly application crash,
Download Free PC Cleaner to Cleanup Your Computer for Best Performance
Find your computer is becoming slower and slower? The longer you use your PC, the worse its performance tends to become, and eventually, the system
Best EaseUS CleanGenius for Cleaning
EaseUS CleanGenius is a online PC cleaner that features quite a few of handy options to keep your Windows clean and fast. It will help you clear
How to Clean Your Computer System with Free Windows Care Genius
As your PC ages, a range of junk files will be produced, fill up the hard drive and decrease performance gradually. Consequently, you have to take longer
Top 4 Ways to Fix Slow Boot-up Issue after Windows 10 Upgrade
After the free updating to Windows 10, many uses facing the unexpected problem-Windows 10 boot up slowly after upgrade. The start-up time of PC
How to Check CPU Consume on Your PC
Sometimes, you find the computer works so slowly that some programs cannot run smoothly and game process stops quite often. Want to know about how much
How to Fix Computer Continually Freezes and Stop Responding
Have you ever encountered Windows 10 keeps freezing even not responding or computer freezes on startup? Many users complain their computer frequently
Disk Cleanup Software Free Download for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP
You seemed to have met the situation before- that PC hard drive is getting larger but somehow it is filled up not long after. This can be caused by a solid-state drive
Low Memory on Windows 10 PC? Use Free Memory Cleaner for Windows 10
"I installed Windows 10 but got high RAM usage. It tends to go up to 90% without any substantial open."
The Best Junk Files Cleaner for Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Junks files are files that remain on your computer after a task is finished. As time goes by, you computer will be full of junk files in form of temporary files
How to Clean up PC after Windows 10 Upgrade to Regain Disk Space
Disk is almost full after Windows 10 upgrade? Many users complained lack of storage space on computer after Windows 10 update.
How to Speed up & Improve Performance for Your Slow Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop
“Hey guys, is there any easy way or handy tool to speed up and improve performance on my snail-slow Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop?
Asus Laptop Is Running Slow, How to Fix?
“I recently bought a new Asus laptop. But the problem is, it is too slow with basic programs and web browsing/scrolling is slow
The Best Way to Improve Slow Performance on Acer Laptop
Is your Acer computer running slow or taking ages to boot it up? Computer can run slowly for ages especially when you install plenty of programs and download pictures,
Best Free System Cleanup Tool for Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Accustomed to the smooth running condition as the new computer? Most users really do so. However, the computer gets slower over times and Windows system gets
Windows 10 System Monitor to Manage All Running Process on PC
It is undoubtedly that running too much programs at the same time will get your computer slow, even for PCs with Windows 10. To manage all
How to Remove/Delete All Personal Data from iPhone SE/6s/6s Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4S
When you want to re-install your iPhone as new, or you want to sell, alternatively give it away to someone else entirely, the first thing you need to do is to erase all
Best Game Booster for Windows 10 to Improve Your PC Gaming Performance
“I usually use my laptop for gaming, but while I play games like DOTA, CF, LOL, my laptop became very slow and heavy. I see my connection fine, but the frame is very bad
Top 2 Ways to Delete Your Cache, History and Other Browser Data in Google Chrome
Maybe you have not paid much attention to your cache, cookies and other browser data, and also not sure whether you should clear it or not. Huge amount of cache,
"Disk Cleanup Is Not Working", What to Do?
“Suddenly Disk Cleanup does not remove the files it finds. Therefore, the files are growing in number, such as compressed have gone from a few thousand to 248.000
Best Way to Speed up Your Slow HP Laptop
It’s inevitably that your HP computer gets slow over a period of time for all kinds of reasons such as malwares, virus attack, excessive junk files.
Top 10 Tips to Maintain Your PC for Best Performance in 2016
When you buy a new computer or start to install new windows, your PC often tends to run fast and perform at its best. But as time passes, it becomes slow unavoidably.
The Best Free Windows 8.1/8 Registry Cleaner
As your computer gets older, it runs slower and slower because there are lots of unnecessary residual files, unwanted programs, and invalid registry items.
How to Completely Delete Temporary Files in Windows 10
Temporary files, as its name suggests, is kind of TEMP folder that are created by Windows services and many third-party software programs.
1 Click to Fix Slow Performance on Your Dell Laptop
Does your Dell laptop get slow over time even Windows system gets stuck on loading and welcome screen? Here are the solutions to fix slow speed of Dell laptop.
How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 8/8.1
Too much temporary files absolutely get your computer slower over time. This tutorial will show you how to clean temporary files in Windows 8/8.1.
Best Free Registry Cleaner for Windows 10
Get the best Windows 10 registry cleaner program to clean useless and invalid registry entries for your operating system.
Slow Computer? Top 3 Ways to Make it Run Faster
Below are methods for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 users to easily speed up a slow PC for free, and improve its performance.
A Top Way to Defrag Registry in Windows 10/8.1/8/7 to Improve Computer Performance
Here you can use the best registry defragmenter to defrag and compact Windows registry so that your Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 PC can run faster.
Best Registry Cleaner for Windows 10/8.1/8/7
The registry keeps growing when you use Windows, making your system slow, problematic, or even unbootable. Get the best registry cleaner here to clean up useless registry to improve PC performance.
How to Remove Invalid Registry Entries on Your PC
Invalid registry is getting full and making your computer run slower. Here this article will show you how to remove invalid registry entries from your Windows PC.
Top Method to Clear Internet History Permanently
How can you delete internet browsing history in internet explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox? Free download and try Windows Care Genius.
How to Clear/Delete Cache and Cookies in Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Here you can find how to clear or remove browser cache and cookies from IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 PC.
How to Defrag Hard Drive to Speed up your PC
Why does fragmentation slow down your PC performance and how to defrag hard drive to speed up your PC? This is what we will answer in this post.
What Will Slow Down Your PC and How to Make Your PC Faster
Many Windows users don’t know what make their computer perform slowly. Based on this problem, this article offers 3 situations and tells you how to optimize your computer the best.
Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Computer Performance
This article shares the best 10 ways to enhance your Windows computer performance and optimize them to run as the new one.
PC Starts Up Slow? Speed Up Its Boot Time Quickly
As computer ages, they naturally slow down, especially when they are starting up. Reduce your computer’s boot time? Follow these steps to speed it up with Windows Care Genius.
How to Clean up and Speed up Your Sluggish PC
This article talks about why your computer got slow over times and shows a workable way to clean up and speed up sluggish PC.
The Best Free PC Cleaner of 2016 – For Best Optimization and Cleanup
Is your computer getting slower but don’t know how to optimize the computer to the best performance? This tutorial will show you the best free cleanup software for PC to make it.
How to Optimize Your PC for Gaming on Windows 10/8.1/8/7
When you are suffering from lagging, slow loading or crashing when playing PC games, you should consider optimizing your PC performance for gaming.
How to Speed Up Your PC Internet Connection on Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Does your PC Internet connection is increasingly slow? A slow Internet connection can be a productivity killer. Windows Care Genius provides an all-fix solution to improve your PC network speed.
How to clean up junk files on Windows 10
This article talks about the junk files remained on your Windows 10 computer and recommends a tool to remove junk files in Windows 10 PC.
The Best PC Optimizer for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 in 2016
Are you still looking for the best PC optimization software by 2016? Here we have found it out for you to optimize your Windows laptop or desktop to best performance.
How to Free Up Disk Space on Your Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Computer
How to free up drive space on PC may upset some Windows users, sometimes. Here we sort out 3 methods for readers to do disk space cleanup in Windows and make it run the best.
Free Windows 8 Cleaner: How to Clean Up Junk Files on Windows 8 PC
Get best free Windows 8 cleaner to remove all junk files on your Windows 8 PC, making your computer cleaner and faster.
How to Speed Up Your Slow Windows 10 PC after Upgrade
Computer boots extremely slow after upgrading to Windows 10? Here is a step by step guide about how to speed up your slow Windows 10 PC after upgrade.
5 Best Free Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Registry Cleaner
Here I list 5 best registry cleaner freeware. Read their respective review and pick one to fix registry errors.