What Will Slow Down Your PC and How to Make Your PC Faster

Your computer will definitely runs slowly over time. However, did you ever know what causes slow computer performance and how to make your computer run fast? Today, I will sort out the most common situations that may slow your computer down. Meanwhile, solutions also are organized. Keep reading and optimize your computer to perform the best.

Situation1. Too Many Add-ons on Your Browser Causes PC Slow Down

Most of users often consider virus causes slow-down computer. However, over a long time, there will be too many add-ons or plugins bundle with your browser. Some producers of add-ons may proclaim themselves popup blockers or search protectors, but they exactly can slow your computer down by downloading ads and popping up ads every time when you open your browser. Next I will show you how to fix it varying in different browsers.

Firefox: Click menu button on the far right > Click Add-ons > Choose Extensions > Disable or remove for each item on the list.

Internet Explorer: Go to Tools > Click Manage add-ons > Tap Show All add-ons > Click the offender(s) > Click disable or remove.

Chrome: Right-click on any extension button > Click Manage Extensions > Uncheck the box to disable a particular item > then you can click the crash to delete.

Safari: Click Safari > Tap Preferences > Click Security > Click Extensions > Select an item to uninstall or turn all off.

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Situation2. Too Many Startup Programs Make Your Computer Run Slowly

Newly downloaded programs often try to weasel their way into your Startup menu (Windows) or Login Items (Mac). If you didn’t uncheck the box for permission, a dozen of unnecessary programs will be run automatically as soon as your computer boots up.

Windows 10: Right click Taskbar and open Task Manager > Click Startup to view programs > Select apps and right-click it and tap Disable

Windows 8: Right-click on the task bar > Click Task Manager > Tap Startup tab. Select program to disable

Windows 7 and older: Click Start button > Find out System Configuration > Go to Startup tab > Uncheck each of the unnecessary programs

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Situation3. Insufficient Storage Also Slows Your Computer Down

A lot of people try to run Photoshop or some graphics and heavy program on a entry or mid-level computer that can’t handle it at all. Actually some programs highly take up your computer’s RAM to run, which makes your computer run slowly.

If you do graphics-heavy work on your computer, I recommend a minimum of 2 GB or 4 GB of RAM. Upgrading the RAM on your computer is definitely inexpensive and complicated, and you can ask professionals for help.

All-In-One Solution to Completely Speed Up Slow Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP PC/Laptop

In fact, there are other irresistible reason could make your computer sluggish like aging. Don’t worry. All the problems including the issues mentioned above also can be resolved with Tenorshare Windows Care Genius in one click, a professional PC cleaner and speed up tool for Windows 10/8/7/XP. Download and install it on your computer, then do as follows.

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Step1. Run the program and click PC Checkup in the interface. Your computer will be detected and rated. Then you will see the heath status of your PC. Click Fix to fix basic issues on your computer.

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Step2. If your computer still runs slowly and you want to do complete cleanup on your computer, I suggest you to click System Cleaner next to PC Check. Here are five features to clean up your computer and improve performance effectively.

Take Registry Cleaner for example, you only click Scan, and then Clean. In addition, other four functions also can be made with same operations.

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To speed up slow computer can be easy as long as you choose elaborate method. That’s why I recommend Windows Care Genius. Also if you have any problem, all the questions can be left in the comment section. We will reply you as soon as possible.

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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