How to Disable Telemetry/Data Collection in Windows 10/8.1/8/7

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  Windows Care

What is Telemetry in Windows? Windows is telemetry collection? What is data collection on Windows? Can we turn off or disable Windows telemetry and data collection? What does telemetry collection work for? If you are getting stuck at those problems, this article can be sure to help you a lot.

Firstly, Get to Know What Is Telemetry/Data Collection

Telemetry is an automated process where data is collected at remote points and transmitted back to the “parent” in the purpose of measuring, monitoring and improving services. Even though Microsoft publicly announced the collected data is only used t provide, improve, and personalize users experience and for security, quality and performance analysis. However we actually don’t know whether aggregated, anonymous telemetry data is shared with third-parties for unknown purposes. Suffice it to say that telemetry and data collection matters your private information and it risks private info leaking. If you want to get rid of this trouble, keep on reading to know how to remove telemetry and data collection from Samsung, HP, Dell, Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, ect.

Secondly, Seek to Turn off Telemetry/Data Collection on Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Solution1. Disable Telemetry Collection on Windows via Registry Editor

Windows 10 comes along with new feature that allows users to turn on telemetry by using Settings App. Unluckily, Microsoft has provided no way to make it for Home and Pro version but Enterprise version of Windows 10. Hence this solution can only applied to disable telemetry and data collection on Windows 10 Enterprise.

Go to Settings >> Click Privacy >> Select Feedback & diagnostics. Then you can set the options “Diagnostic and usage data” to one of the following options. Check the means of each option described by Microsoft below:

Basic: Basic information is data that is vital to the operation of Windows. This data helps keep Windows and apps running properly by letting Microsoft know the capabilities of your device, what is installed, and whether Windows is operating correctly. This option also turns on basic error reporting back to Microsoft. If you select this option, we’ll be able to provide updates to Windows (through Windows Update, including malicious software protection by the Malicious Software Removal Tool), but some apps and features may not work correctly or at all.

Enhanced: Enhanced data includes all Basic data plus data about how you use Windows, such as how frequently or how long you use certain features or apps and which apps you use most often. This option also lets us collect enhanced diagnostic information, such as the memory state of your device when a system or app crash occurs, as well as measure reliability of devices, the operating system, and apps. If you select this option, we’ll be able to provide you with an enhanced and personalized Windows experience.

Full: Full data includes all Basic and Enhanced data, and also turns on advanced diagnostic features that collect additional data from your device, such as system files or memory snapshots, which may unintentionally include parts of a document you were working on when a problem occurred. This information helps us further troubleshoot and fix problems. If an error report contains personal data, we won’t use that information to identify, contact, or target advertising to you. This is the recommended option for the best Windows experience and the most effective troubleshooting.

disable telemetry collection on windows 10 enterprise

Solution2. Stop Data Collection on Windows 10/8/7 via Registry Editor

1. Press Win+R and type regedit and hit Enter to open the registry editor.

2. Now navigate to the following location:

3. Now you need to create a new a DWORD value named AllowTelemetry and set it to 0.

turn off data collection

4. Right click the File Explorer item in Start menu and click Manage. Go to Services and Applications > Services in the left pane.

turn off telemetry collection

5. Disable the following services: Diagnostics Tracking Service/dmwappushsvc; Connected User Experience and Telemetry/dmwappushsvc

6. Double click the mentioned services and pick Disable for the start up type. Then restart computer to take effort. After that, the telemetry data collection will be disabled successfully.

remove data collection

Lastly, Use Best Alternative to Telemetry/Data Collection for Windows Optimization

In actual, you needn’t to take great effort to from being information leaking. Plus how do to deal with previous collected telemetry and data properly? With Windows Care Genius, you can one-click clean up private data in-depth and regain the best performance on Windows, instead of disallowing telemetry and data collection. Now download and install the program on your computer, then check the following tutorial.

windows download btn

Run the program > click Checkup in green > you can check how health you computer is by an index > lastly click Fix to make it.

alternative to telemetry collection windows download btn

  Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  Windows Care

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