How to Defrag Hard Drive to Speed up your PC

Why does fragmentation slow down your PC performance and how to defrag hard drive to speed up your computer using Windows Care Genius? This is what we will answer in this post.

Part 1: Background: What is fragmentation and defragmentation?

Fragmentation is a phenomenon in which the contents of a single file are stored in different locations on the disk rather than in a contiguous space. Usually this occurs when the file system cannot allocate enough contiguous space to store a file as a unit, and then the file will be divided into lots of small fragments. Also, when you are frequently creating, deleting, and modifying files on a hard drive, it will produce fragments over time. This is a waste of storage space and can slow down computer performance.

Defragmentation is a process to reduce the amount of fragmentation in the file systems. It consolidates fragmented files together and makes them contiguous. By doing so the hard drive will work more efficiently, and your computer will run more smooth and fast.

From the above, defragging hard drive can be incredibly useful to optimize computer’s performance, making the computer run faster overall. Tenorshare Windows Care Genius is one of the top recommended PC tuneup software to optimize computer’s performance by hard drive defragment.

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Part 2: Fixed: How to Defrag Hard Drive to Speed up Computer’s Performance?

Windows Care Genius defrags all hard drives on your computer with one click only.

Step 1. Open Windows Care Genius on your computer, in “System Tuneup” tab, select “Disk Defrag”

defrag disk on computer

Step 2. Select the drives that you want to defrag and click Defragment button on the lower right bottom to start defragging.

defragment drive to speed up your pc

Step 3. During defragmenting, there are seven colors to vividly demonstrate the structure of your drive.
White - Free Space
Gray - Unused Space
Blue - Folder
Green - File
Red - Fragments
Yellow - System File
Purple - MFT (Master File Table)

The process may take a while as Windows Care Genius needs time to analyze your drive before fragmentation starts. You can tick “Shut Down after disk defrag” to leave the computer do the job alone. Once it completes defragmenting, your disks are now in smooth and run fast.

hard drive defragmentation to speed up pc

To sum up, it is a good habit to defrag computer hard drive to speed up your PC performance. Windows Care Genius would be the optimal choice to clean and boost computer in every aspect.

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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