'Disk Cleanup Is Not Working', What to Do?

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-04-16 / Update for  Windows Care

Suddenly Disk Cleanup does not remove the files it finds. Therefore, the files are growing in number, such as compressed have gone from a few thousand to 248.000, as with each attempt to run Disk Cleanup, nothing is removed. How could I do?"

-- From Henry

Once Windows computer starts to get slow over time, most of users always ask Disk Cleanup for help first. Because it is able to remove unnecessary files from disk hard, letting it run faster. But if you meet same problem as Henry - Disk Cleanup doesn't work, how to deal with it? Keep on reading to learn how to fix when Disk Cleanup failed to work, and the best alternative you can use to improve your PC performance.

Solution to Fix Disk Cleanup Isn’t Working

When you try to run the Disk Cleanup to make your computer smoother, it stops responding. This problem occurs because you have a corrupted temporary file on the computer. To solve Disk Cleanup unresponsiveness, you are supposed to delete all the file in the current users’ Temp folder and temporary Internet files. Do as the following instructions.

  • Click Start button and type %temp% in the search bar -> Then click Enter to open the Temp folder -> click Select All on the Edit menu -> press the DELETE key -> click Yes to make confirmation.
  • Click Start and then Control Panel -> Double-click Internet Options > Click Delete Files on the General tab -> Select the Delete all offline content check box and click OK
  • Click Start and click My Computer -> Right-click the drive that you want to clean, and click Properties -> Click Disk Cleanup to run the Disk Cleanup again

    cleanup junk files on windows

The Best Alternative to Disk Cleanup on Windows 10/8/7

Disk Cleanup is designed to free more space on your hard drive and keep your Windows operating system clean of unnecessary files that you won’t use. Actually, it is subject to go wrong as well as clean insufficiently. Here I sincerely introduce Tenorshare Windows Care Genius, an all-in-one Windows system optimizer, allowing you to check up, remove system junk files on hard disk, manage startup programs and monitor active process. With it, you need not worry about Windows unworkable Disk Cleanup at all. Download and have a try on it.

  • Run the program and click Cleanup. Your computer will be automatically detected and rated ranging from 10-0 according its heath status.

    optimize windows computer
  • Click Fix to solve all the problems with one-click. After that, you can re-click Checkup to check its heath status.

    run windows faster
  • Switch on Clean up your computer regularly in the lower-left corner of interface and tick Silent mode. Here you are allowed to set times to automatically checkup and cleanup your computer in the background.

    optimize windows the best

Besides, if you want to deeply cleanup your computer, click System Cleaner to make it. Then you will find it is the best alternative for Cleanup Disk. Surely, System Tuneup, Privacy Protector and System Monitoring also can be used to help you cleanup other junk files and improve PC performance. If you have any problem, you are welcomed to leave it in the comment section.

  Updated on 2020-04-16 / Update for  Windows Care

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