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[High Rated] The Strongest iPhone Password Cracker

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-10-23 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

We all use screen passwords on mobile screens to keep our data safe and secure. Well, what should I do if I forget my iPhone password? Every iPhone user comes across this question and many of you must have experienced this problem at least once. This issue is especially persistent in the case of complex screen passcodes of 6 digits. If you are having the same problem, then you have come to the right platform.

This article will explain in detail what should you do if you ever forget your iPhone password and need any iOS password cracker to unlock your iPhone.

Part 1: What is iPhone Password Cracker

Almost every mobile user sets a password for the privacy of data, however, it also comes with common issue among iPhone users that one may forget his password. According to Apple Support, there is no direct way to unlock your Apple device if you have forgotten your password. However, you can use a third-party tool to do so. An iPhone password cracker is that external tool which enables you to recover or reset your password. To ensure the safety of your data, Apple doesn’t provide any built-in mechanism to bypass your screen password, so you have to use iPhone password cracker software to access your Apple device.

Part 2: Best and Great iOS Passcode Cracker - Tenorshare 4uKey

You will find some such software but the most recommended and widely used tool is Tenorshare 4uKey to bypass the iPhone password. This software can unlock your iPhone within minutes by removing a screen password of any nature, be it 4/6 digits passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID without using iTunes. So, if you have forgotten your password, you need not worry as you are just a few clicks away from removing your screen password by using this password cracker IOS. It also enables you to factory reset your iPhone even if it is locked. (Note: The Latest iPhone 12 is supported.)

Part 3: How to Crack iPhone Password with Tenorshare 4uKey

Removing the iPhone password by using Tenorshare 4uKey is very easy. Its special feature ‘Unlock Lock Screen’ allows you to regain access to your iOS device. It is the best password cracker app for iPhone. But, you ought to back up your data before starting the below procedure as it might lead to loss of your important data.

You need to follow the below guidelines to understand how to crack iPhone passcode using Tenorshare 4uKey.

  • Download Tenorshare 4uKey on your computer and launch it, the following interface will show up. Just click on ‘Unlock Lock Screen Passcode’.

    best iPhone lock cracker – 4uKey Unlock Lock Screen
    Step 1: Break iPhone Password - Main interface of 4uKey
  • When your iPhone is successfully connected to the software, click on the ‘Start’ option to begin the process.

    iOS password cracker – 4uKey Start
    Step 2: Password unlock - 4uKey Start
  • The software will download the required firmware package for your device. Browse to save the package to the required location on your computer and click on ‘Download’.

    passcode cracker – 4uKey Save and Download
    Step 3: Crack iPhone Password - 4uKey download frim ware
  • Once the firmware package is downloaded, click on ‘Start Unlock’ to crack iPhone Passcode.

    password cracker app for iPhone Start Unlock
    Step 4: Password cracker tool for 4uKey iPhone Start Unlock
  • The software will take a few minutes to remove your passcode and then you can access your iPhone and set a new password.

    how to crack iPhone password -  4uKey New Password
    Step 5: How to crack iPhone password successfully - 4uKey New Password

Bonus Tips: Don't Miss 4uKey Series Cracker or Unlocker

Tip 1: 4uKey for Android Screen UnLocker

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is a powerful software to quickly remove the screen lock on any android device. It is compatible with all versions of android phones and can bypass all passcodes, be it pin, pattern or fingerprint with a guarantee. It has a unique ‘Auto Detection System” that checks whether your device is ready to perform any removing process. It can also remove FRP lock of your android phone

Remember that removing passcode will erase all data on your device, so back up your data before initiating the procedure.

To unlock your android mobile, follow the below guidelines;

  • Download and install Tenorshare Android Screen un-locker on your computer and launch the program and select ‘Remove Screen Lock’ from the interface.

    4uKey series cracker for choose remove screen lock feature
    Step 1: 4uKey Series - Android Password Unlocker - Choose feature
  • A confirmation interface will open up, click on ‘Start’ to begin the process. A confirmation bar will show up. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm that your data will be deleted from your phone.

    4uKey series cracker reomove android password
    Step 2: 4uKey Series - Android Screen Unlocker - Start now
  • Finally, the software will take a few minutes to remove the password of your android device.

    4uKey series cracker start reomoving android password
    Step 3: 4uKey Series - Samsung Screen Unlocker - Removing

Now, you can reset a passcode on your android device. It is rightly regarded as the best password cracker for android devices.

Tip 2: 4uKey for iPhone Backup Unlocker

Tenorshare 4uKey - iTunes Backup is a multi-functional software that has captivated the minds of iPhone users. It helps you to retrieve iTunes backup password, remove back encryption settings, and remove the screen time passcode of your iOS device without any data loss. You will find many software to crack your iPhone backup password but none is a more credible and authentic iPhone backup password cracker than 4uKey iPhone Backup Unlocker.

Follow the step below to retrieve iTunes backup password;

  • Install 4uKey iTunes backup unlocker on your computer and launch it. Click on ‘retrieve iTunes Backup password’ on the main interface.

    decrypt itunes backup password - 4ukey itunes backup
    Step 1: Launch 4uKey iTunes Backup
  • 2. Now, the software will show some features on your PC. Select the one you want to remove the password and then click on ‘Next.

    select itunes backup feature - 4ukey itunes backup
    Step 2: Select the feature for decrypting iTunes Backup Password
  • Then, select any of the three ‘attacks’, Brute Force, Dictionary and Brute Force with Mask, from the interface that best matches your requirements. Each type has its unique features and capabilities.

    attack mode to bypass itunes backup password - 4ukey itunes backup
    Step 3: Attack mode to bypass iTunes backup password
  • Click on the ‘Start’ button after selecting an attack-type and the software will begin the retrieving process. You can also stop the decryption activity if you have any emergency.

    retrieve itunes backup password - 4ukey itunes backup
    Step 4: Retrieve iTunes encrypted password
  • The time required to retrieve the password depends on the complexity and number of digits of the password. After some time, a pop-up window will show you the required backup password.

    Get itunes backup password back - 4ukey itunes backup
    Step 5: Found iTunes encrypted password


In short, this article has shed light on several issues iPhone users come across with. We briefly discussed various aspects of the iPhone password cracker and answered how to crack iPhone password. We urged our readers to use the most authentic and reliable software to crack iPhone passwords i.e., Tenorshare 4uKey. It entails a myriad of special features and cracks passwords of both android and iOS devices. Moreover, you can retrieve the iTunes backup password confidence using this powerful software.

  Updated on 2020-10-23 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

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