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Transfer LG to iPhone in Easy Steps [4 Ways]

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-05-03 / Update for  Transfer

Many LG users have had convincing reasons to switch to iPhone recently. So, if you plan to make the switch, know you are not alone. The only challenge I've noticed is that most people are not familiar with how to transfer data from LG to iPhone.

Therefore, this post will reveal 4 easy and fast ways to transfer virtually all that you have in your LG phone to your new iPhone.

Way 1: Transfer LG to iPhone in 10 Minutes after Setup

Using iCareFone iTransGo to transfer data from LG to iPhone is super-easy and reliable. Unlike many other tools, iCareFone iTransGo ensures a quick and seamless transfer from Android to iPhones.

The transfer can be done in as quick as ten minutes. And more importantly, iCareFone iTransGo supports the transfer of all types of data and can be done after setup.

iCareFone iTransGo Features

  • Transfer data from Android to iPhone after setup.
  • Choose or select the data you wish to restore, unlike other tools that compel you to restore everything.
  • Data merging on the iPhone is done. No need to overwrite any data.
  • Migrate data from over 8000 Android phones to iPhone.
  • Supports the most recent Android 13 and iOS 16.

How to transfer data from LG to iPhone via iCareFone iTransGo:

  • Download, install, and open iCareFone iTransGo on your computer. Then click the “start” button.

    transfer lg to iphone
  • Connect the Android device and iOS device to the system. Make sure both devices are detectable by enabling the appropriate permissions. Choose “start” again to continue data transfer.

    transfer lg to iphone
  • Start data scan on Android device before transferring. Select the items you intend to move first. Click on Start Scan.

    transfer lg to iphone
  • Now click the “transfer data” button to continue.

    replace iphone battery
  • Wait for the data transfer process to complete. The duration varies according to the amount of data. It shouldn't take long though.

    transfer lg to iphone
  • Data is successfully transferred. You can open your iPhone to confirm the transfer.

    transfer lg to iphone

Way 2: Transfer LG to iPhone via Move to iOS

Move to iOS is an app that makes switching from Android to iPhone possible. The app is native to Android but designed by Apple.

Move to iOS lets you transfer data from LG to iPhone, including message history, contacts, mail accounts, website bookmarks, photos, calendars, and others.

While Move to iOS can help you accomplish the above, you should be aware of a couple of shortcomings:

  • If your new iPhone is already set up, you need to do a factory reset.
  • It takes too long to transfer data from LG to iPhones.
  • The transfer process can easily be interrupted if you get a phone call or switch to another app.
  • The screen can get stuck when it gets to 1 minute or 2 minutes.

How to use Move to iOS?

As per how to transfer everything from LG to iPhone, try using Move to iOS with the steps highlighted below.

Check the following before you start the transfer:

  • Wi-Fi turned on in Android device?
  • Android device and iOS device plugged into power?
  • Do you have enough space on your iPhone to accommodate what you are about to transfer?

Begin the transfer process:

  • Turn on your iPhone and place it close to the LG phone. Observe the setup instructions on your iPhone and follow them accordingly. Then, click on Set Up Manually on the Quick Start Screen.
  • Navigate to Apps & Data Screen, and click Move Data from Android.
  • Open the Move to iOS application on your LG phone.
  • On your iPhone, click Continue when Move from Android comes up. A 6-digit or 10-digit code will appear. Wait for it. Ignore any weak internet connection alert that may appear.

    replace iphone battery
  • Input the code on your LG phone.
  • Your iPhone will create a Wi-Fi network. Next, click on Connect on your LG to join that network. After doing that, the Data Transfer Screen will show up.
  • Choose the data types you wish to transfer and wait for the process to complete. The duration depends on the size of the content you are moving.
  • When the loading bar completes on your iPhone, click Done on your LG phone. Then, click Continue on your iPhone to proceed with your setup.
  • Be sure all your content has been transferred.

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Way 3: Transfer LG to iPhone via Google Account [CONTACTS ONLY]

Some people suggest Google Account on forums where users ask how to transfer contacts from LG to iPhone. Without wasting your time, be informed that there is a huge limitation with using this method. This method can only be used to transfer CONTACTS ONLY.

If you seek a way to transfer all data types, I suggest using iCareFone iTransGo/Move to iOS.

Let’s see how to use google account to transfer contacts:

  • On your Android phone, go to "Settings" > "Accounts" > "Google" and make sure your contacts are synced to your Google account.
  • On your iPhone, go to "Settings" > "Passwords & Accounts" > "Add Account" > "Google" and sign in with the same Google account that you used on your Android phone.

    replace iphone battery
  • Turn on the toggle switch for "Contacts" and wait for the syncing process to complete. Your Android contacts should now be available on your iPhone.

Way 4: Transfer LG to iPhone via Google Photos/Drive [PHOTOS ONLY]

Transferring LG to iPhone via Google Drive or Google Photos is possible. But, unfortunately, this is almost similar to the method above. It can only transfer photos, videos, and maybe a handful of other media files.

And since the backup has to be done through Google, you have to deal with the issue of limited storage size. For instance, the maximum storage size for each Google Drive or Google Photos is 15G.

Steps to transfer LG to iPhone through Google Photos:

  • Open Google Photos on your LG.
  • Click Settings. Toggle Backup & Sync to on. All your pictures will sync to Google Photos.
  • Install and open Google Photos on your iPhone. Ensure you log in with the same Gmail account details.
  • Download the pictures onto your iPhone.

Steps to transfer LG to iPhone through Google Drive:

  • Open Google Drive on your LG.
  • Create a new folder and upload all the photos there.

    transfer lg to iphone
  • Install Google Drive on your iPhone.
  • Look for the photo folder and have them downloaded.

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Question: Can You Use LG Mobile Switch on iPhone?

LG Mobile Switch is designed to enable you to transfer data from Android phones or iOS phones to LG phones.

Unfortunately, the app is currently unavailable on Apple Store.

Bottom Line

This post has pointed out various ways one could transfer LG to iPhone. After looking at the different methods, iCareFone iTransGo is the only one with no limitations. So download the app today and transfer your data from your LG phone to your new iPhone with ease.