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Top 4 Ways to Send Videos from iPhone to Computer (Windows & Mac)

Your iPhone basically stores everything from all your media, contacts, notes, and messages etc. One of the most storage filling media on any iPhone is videos. A single video can take a lot of space inside your memory and adding more videos can eventually make your iPhone useless. But you can get out of this situation if you know how to get videos from iPhone to computer. We are here with some useful methods that can help you with the same. So, let's get started…

Way 1: How to Get Videos from iPhone to Computer Directly

If you want to know how to get large videos from iPhone to computer directly and without any hiccups, we would highly recommend you to use Tenorshare iCareFone. It is the best method in this article to get all your iPhone videos straight to your computer to clear up that much-needed storage space. It is a proper transfer tool available for both Windows and Mac. Being a third-party software, it has some really important advantages over other transfer programs and tools and they are as follows:

  • Option to selectively choose or bulk transfer videos.
  • No storage limitation and no mandatory Wi-Fi or Internet connection that you usually find in iCloud
  • You can transfer any type of videos such as from the camera, iMessage, WhatsApp videos, Kik, Snapchat and many more.
  • Real-time preview available before any transfer

Here's how you can use Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer:

1. First, install the iOS data transfer toolon your PC.

2. Run the program and simply use a USB or lightning cable to connect both your iPhone and PC.

main icarefone

3. Go to "File Manager" and choose the "Videos" option inside.


4. You will now see a list of all the videos from your phone right on the computer screen. You can preview the videos and then select the ones you want to transfer.

export videos

5. Now, simply click on the "Export" tab to finish the process.

This will send all the selected videos from iPhone to your PC within seconds. Don't miss this stellar software!

Way 2: How to Get Videos from iPhone to PC/Mac with iCloud

iCloud, the famous Apple cloud service has a lot of features that can help you sync all your videos between iDevices. If you set up iCloud Photo Library on your phone and computer it can start syncing your videos whenever you are connected to Wi-Fi. While using iCloud, you get a 5GB free storage to save your videos. There is also the option to get more storage but that would be chargeable. Here's how to set up iCloud Photo Library feature on iPhone as well as on your Mac/PC.

On iPhone:

1. For iOS 11 devices, simply go to "Settings", enter your name and click on "iCloud" to find "Photos". For iOS 10 and earlier, go to "Settings", navigate to "iCloud" and enter "Photos & Camera".

2. Enable "iCloud Photo Library" with the help of the toggle switch present there.

enable icloud photo library iphone

On Computer:

1. First, download the latest iCloud for Windows (+nofollow) software from the official website and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

2. Launch iCloud for Windows on your PC and sign in with your Apple ID and password.

3. Click "Options".

4. Enable "iCloud Photo Library" from the checkbox and hit "Done"

icloud for windows photo options

5. Open the "Windows File Explorer" from your PC, and navigate to "iCloud Photos" folder inside "Favorites". Click on "Downloads" and select the videos and tap on "Download".

download videos icloud photos

On Mac:

1. Go to "System Preferences", and navigate to "iCloud". Now, simply tap on "Options" to get the "iCloud Photo Library" option. Enable it!

icloud mac

2. You will get all your synced videos inside Photos App for Mac. Simply launch the Photos App to see all the iCloud videos right on your screen.

So, here is how to get videos off iPhone to computer using iCloud. Butbefore even going for this option, do make sure that your iPhone and PC are both connected to a steady Wi-Fi or Internet or else it won't work as it is completely dependent on it.

Way 3: How to Upload Videos from iPhone to Computer with USB Connection

You can easily use your USB cable to transfer videos from iPhone to computer. If you don't want to use Cloud services, this is a great method to go for. All you need here is a USB cable provided by Apple and iTunes pre-installed on your PC. Though iTunes will not be opened in this whole process, it makes the whole thing work smoothly as recommended by Apple. So, here's how to get videos off iPhone to PC by just using USB connection:

For Windows:

1. Plug-in your iPhone to your Windows PC using the USB cable.

2. Now, tap on the "Windows" key + "E" from your keyboard to run the Windows File Explorer

3. If prompted, simply click on 'Trust this computer' on your iPhone.

4. Now, find your iPhone under the "This PC" option or "My Computer" for Windows 7 and earlier versions and click it.

5. Tap on "Internal Storage" and then again tap on the DCIM folder. Now you will be able to find all your videos under folders.

dcim folder copy videos

6. Select the desired videos and just copy and paste them to any folder inside your PC.

You will be able to manage your videos from your computer now.

For Mac:

If you are using a Mac then you should use the Photo App.

1. Connect your iPhone with Mac via USB

2. The Photos App will be launched automatically after detection

3. Now, all your iPhone videos and photos will be displayed on the Photos App panel.

4. Select the videos you want to download and then tap on the Import button after selecting.

import videos photos app

And that's it! Your videos will be downloaded to your Mac right away!

Way 4:How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer using iTunes

iTunes can also be used to transfer videos between devices but not by the syncing method that we usually go for. Rather you have to use the "Backup Now" feature. As we know, iTunes can back up any data from your iPhone and can also upload and download to Cloud and computer respectively. Similarly, using the same function, videos can be backed up and saved to your PC. So here's how to transfer videos from iPhone to computer using iTunes:

1. First, launch iTunes on your computer and simply connect your iPhone X/8/7/7Plus/6/6S/5/5S/SE etc directly to the computer using the USB cable.

2. Now, find the device icon inside the main interface of iTunes and tap on it.

3. Go to the "Summary" tab, and navigate to the "Backups" section. Select the "This Computer" option and simply tap on "Back Up Now".

itunes backup now feature

4. This will start the backup process now. After the entire process ends, you can find your backup file in "Devices" under "iTunes Preferences".

itunes find backup files

Keep in mind the backup files created by iTunes are encrypted and are not readable. Other than that, iTunes is a viable method nonetheless and it is still used by many iOS users now.

So, here are the top 4 ways on how to get videos from iPhone to PC. Coming to the attributes of all the methods listed above, all of them lack something or the other except Tenorshare iCareFone. Like in iTunes, the files are not readable after backup or in iCloud; there is storage limitation, compulsory Wi-Fi connectivity and other disadvantages etc. But when it comes to Tenorshare iCareFone you can transfer the videos directly and without any hassles of that sort whatsoever. So, without any doubt, you have your winner. Go for Tenorshare iCareFone!!

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