2 Best Ways to Add Videos to iTunes

It must be very obvious for longtime iOS users on how to add videos to iTunes but it may not be that simple for the new users. The very first thing is that iOS is a closed platform. So the procedure here is simple yet different from what they are used to. Also, it is very important to sync those video files from your iPhone or computer to iTunes mainly for backup purposes. So, if you are not really sure how to add videos to iTunes, just read the rest of the article to get acquainted with the whole process.

Part 1: How to Add Movies to iTunes from iPhone

Most users get confused when they try to transfer a different kind of media file like videos other than music. Actually, there is nothing to get confused about importing videos to iTunes. In this particular situation you will naturally go for iTunes app for your data transfer but what if you have a better option?

It is no secret that there are many independent tools trending on the market. Tenorshare iCareFone is among those exceptional few that have already made its mark. This tool is capable of transferring various forms of data with just a click. So, if you want to import video to iTunes, you should use this and experience its capabilities first hand. It is available on both platforms like Windows and Mac. It is very easy to use and it is specifically designed to transfer videos or any kind of data. It supports 2-way transfer as well. If you don’t know how to add movies to iTunes with this program, just follow the instructions below:

1.    Get Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer. It is easily available on their official website.

2.    Now, you need to connect your devices via USB cable.

3.    It will take some time to establish the connection, then go to your iPhone and tap on the prompted message that says “Trust This Computer”.

4.    Now that you have a successful connection, run the software on your computer.

5.    On the main window of Tenorshare iCareFone, click on the option called “Transfer Device media to iTunes”.

icarefone main interface

6.    If you look closely at the next window you will see 7 types of media files. By default, all of them will be selected but you should uncheck them except “Videos”.

choose videos

7.    After that click on the “Transfer” button below and the files will start syncing.

start transfer

In the end, you will get a “Transfer Completed” message. So, this is how to import movies to iTunes using this program. As simple as it looks, this tool can easily add movies to iTunes with its “Transfer Device media to iTunes” feature. There is also another feature of Tenorshare iCareFone that is most popular among the iOS users, called the “Manage” feature. If you use this, you can actually manage and transfer any kind of video files from computer to iPhone and the other way around as well.

manage videos  icarefone

Other than that it can also help you import or export different files types such as Music, Photos, and Contacts etc. with ease and you can import and export them at will.

Part 2: How to Import Movies to iTunes from Computer

Now that you know how to transfer movies to iTunes using a third-party app, you should also get to know the official way to do the same job. Obviously, the official app is iTunes and you are going to use it to add movies to iTunes.

Simply the method is very different from the previous one but it is effective. So, if you don’t know how to put movies on iTunes from computer officially, then just follow the instructions below:

Now, there are actually two ways you can import files to iTunes,

1.    First, you need to launch the iTunes app on your computer

2.    Find the files you want to send and just drag and drop those video files on the iTunes window to get them synced.

3.    On the other hand, you can just run the app and go to File option.

4.    Then select Add to Library and search for the files and open them.

add to library itunes

Now, you should remember that the moment you import movies to iTunes library you are also giving up the present location of that file. If you do not wish it then select “Copy files to the iTunes Media folder when adding to library”.


Now, adding movies from your iPhone to the iTunes library may seem like a very difficult task but only if you don’t know how to import movies to iTunes the right way. If you have gone through this article step by step then you already know that there are two efficient ways on how to put movies on iTunes. The first one is to use a decade old app, iTunes. It is reliable and will transfer the videos properly but it is also very slow and the steps are very complicated. On the other hand, you have the independent Tenorshare iCareFone tool that will complete the task with just a single click and that too fast and most effectively. Highly recommended!!

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