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4 Best Ways to Send Pictures from Computer to iPhone

Most iPhone users may face a same problem and that is transferring data. They wonder how to transfer pictures from computer to iPhone effortlessly. So, are you unaware of it or you have failed to do it? Don’t worry we are here to help. In this article, we have made a list of the most efficient and effective options that you can go for.

Way 1: How to Get Pictures from Computer to iPhone with iTunes

When you are looking for how to send pictures from computer to iPhone, you will come across two basic options, one of them is to transfer pictures from PC to iPhone with iTunes and without iTunes.

iTunes is regarded as the oldest iOS app. It features various functions to support the users in their needs. Unfortunately, the efficiency and precision of the app are not the same as before. Well, the truth is that the service is the same as it was 10 years ago. Where more and more modern apps are flooding the market with more suitable options, iTunes is still the same. But there are dedicated iTunes users all over the world, and you can also use it to transfer your photos. Keep in mind, the slow transfer speed will take a lot of your time and it may crash sometimes. Nonetheless, here’s how to use it:

1.    So, connect your iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/6/6s/5/SE to your computer with a USB cable.

2.    iTunes will be launched automatically.

3.    Now, on the iTunes panel, select your device and go for the Photos tab on the bottom.

4.    Tap “Sync Photos” and choose the folder where you kept your photos previously.

5.    Then, click Apply.

sync photos itunes

Photos will start transferring immediately. As you can see, transferring photos with iTunes is easy, but note that once you transfer photos with iTunes to your iPhone, all the existing photos on your phone will be deleted.

Way 2: How to Transfer Pictures from Computer to iPhone

If you are looking to transfer your precious photos from your computer to your iPhone, then there are a lot of options other than using iTunes. At the moment some third-party companies have developed mature technology in transferring iOS files. Tenorshare iCareFone is such an outstanding tool with the capability to transfer your photos from computer to your iPhone very fast and vice-versa. You can transfer any kind of pictures irrespective of the size and nature of the file and that too without any chance of data loss or storage limitation. It is accessible from Windows and Mac and it has proven extremely effective when it comes to transferring not only photos but other files too at superior speeds. So, if you want to know how to get pictures from computer to iPhone with Tenorshare iCareFone, then read the following steps:

1.    So, to begin with, you have to download and install the free version of Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer.

2.    Launch the app on our computer and then connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.

3.    Wait a few seconds for your computer to detect the iPhone then go to “Manage” on the top menu.

select manage

4.    Now, all transferrable file types will be listed on the left panel.

5.    Select “Photos” from the list and click on the “Import” option and then choose the photos you want to transfer.

import photos successfully

6.    Lastly, select “Open” on the pop-up message and the files will start transferring immediately.

import photos successfully

4.    Now, all transferrable file types will be listed on the left panel.

Many users think that Apple certified apps are the best in terms of usage and effectiveness, but as you can see here Tenorshare iCareFone is an excellent app and it is certainly capable of transferring your files from one device to another without any fuss. Also if you are looking for how to copy pictures from PC to iPhone, then you should definitely use this app, as Tenorshare iCareFone supports both Windows PC and Mac.

Way 3: How to Send Pictures from Computer to iPhone with Airdrop

Airdropping is a very easy method to transfer your photos from your Mac to your iPhone. AirDrop is a wireless app that uses both your Wi-Fi connection and the Bluetooth device to transfer files wirelessly. If even one of these features is not functioning properly then Airdropping will fail. But it is a great option to transfer files without any data loss and fast. It works two-way as well! So, if you want to know how to put pictures from computer to iPhone with AirDrop then read the steps below:

1. Launch the AirDrop app on your Mac and turn on visibility to “Everyone”. You can easily find AirDrop from Finder.

mac airdrop

2. Now, turn on the same app on your iPhone.

3. Then make your iPhone visible from the AirDrop panel. Tap “Everyone”.

iphone airdrop

4. Now, go to your Mac, and search for the iPhone.

5. When it is found, connect it with your Mac via AirDrop.

6. Now, drag and drop the photos you want to send on the recipient panel of AirDrop.

7. Finally, click “Send” and “Accept” on your iPhone.

 accept  photos from airdrop

AirDrop uses a very simple method to transfer your files wirelessly. Keep your target devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network and also keep your devices within a certain range for the app to work. Also, this app is not suitable for transferring large files.

Way 4: How to Sync Pictures from Computer to iPhone with Cloud Services

Although Apple has its own cloud services like iTunes and iCloud, there is another cloud service that many users prefer nowadays and that is Dropbox. The cloud service used by Dropbox is not exactly similar to iCloud but it is very useful when it comes to transferring files through the app and across all platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, Linux etc. So, it supports all platforms thanks to its clever syncing process both through Dropbox folders and its dedicated website account. When it comes to transferring pictures or files from computer to iPhone, it uses the Dropbox folder and syncs them directly to the linked account across all platforms. So, if you want to know how to transfer pictures from PC to iPhone then read the instructions below:

1.    Install the Dropbox software on your computer.

2.    Run the app and sign-in to your Dropbox account.

3.    Open Windows Explorer, and you will see the Dropbox folder now. Now, choose the photos or the entire picture folder and just drag and drop it inside it.

move pictures to  dropbox folder

4.    Once it’s done, go to your iPhone and install Dropbox app.

5.    Log-in to the same Dropbox account from your iPhone and tap on Photos.

6.    Find the photos you just added and long press on the photos. An option will appear to Save to Camera Roll.

export dropbox

Basically, Dropbox provides a very simple service that is very useful for transferring or rather synching data. But keep in mind; you only get 2 GB of free storage initially while signing up.


As you know that there are a lot of apps on the market for data transfer but the 4 methods mentioned in this article are suitable for any user who is looking to transfer from computer to iPhone. Although, we are a little light on the topic of iTunes still it is a viable way to transfer your pictures. Dropbox and AirDrop apps are also preferred by a lot of users and they are equally effective when it comes to data transfer. But the simplicity and efficiency provided by Tenorshare iCareFone are the best. Also, it doesn’t have any storage limitations or Wi-Fi connectivity issues or any type of major disadvantages like the others here and that’s why it is our winner and we highly recommend it! 

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