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Top 5 Ways to Get Photos from iPhone to Mac

iPhone users are always on the lookout for easy ways to transfer data to their computer. This practically makes their iPhones lighter in terms of storage and most importantly, they can save their photos and essentially edit and share them to respective social media channels easily. It also keeps their photos safe and out of any unwanted data loss from their phones. So, in case you are using an iPhone and you don't know how to get photos from iPhone to Mac, you are just at the right place. We are here with a quick detailed guide on transferring iPhone photos to Mac, so that you can do it easily without any problems whatsoever. So, let's begin…

Part 1: How to Get Pictures from iPhone to Mac in One-Click

Tenorshare iCareFone is the best iOS data transfer tool available now. It can easily get photos from iPhone to Mac without breaking a sweat. It comes with a one-click function that makes photos or any type of file transfers easy and super fast. It is by far the easiest method here in this article and it is possible only because of its simple user interface. The File Manager feature can help you manage all your files effectively and it also comes with iOS system fixing, speed up and clean, backup and restore capabilities as well. Here are some advantages Tenorshare iCareFone enjoys over other methods here:

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface.
  • One-click operation and fast transfer speeds.
  • No Wi-Fi required
  • No storage limitations
  • Selective and bulk transfers compatible.
  • Supports 9 file types when it comes to photos. It includes any type of photos from camera roll, WhatsApp images, albums, photo stream and many other sources.
  • Fully readable and accessible transferred files.

Here are the steps on how to get pictures from iPhone to Mac using Tenorshare iCareFone:

1. Download and install the Tenorshare iCareFone software on Mac.

2. Launch and connect your iPhone to Mac via USB cable.

main interface icarefone mac

3. After the system detects your iPhone, tap on "File Manager", and then select "Photos" from the list.

choose file type icarefone mac

4. Select the required images for importing from the displayed list after previewing and tap on "Export".

export photos to mac

All your selected photos will be successfully transferred in no time! Don't miss this stellar program.

Part 2: Other Ways to Put Photos from iPhone to Mac

Nothing can beat iCareFone when it comes to transferring photos easily and effectively. But there are a number of other ways by which you can get your photos imported to Mac from your iPhone. But when it comes to the most viable and easier ones which are effective and will not fail you, the list becomes shorter. But nonetheless, there are some methods which can help you and these methods can essentially answer your probable question "How to get photos from iPhone to MacBook?" Here are some of the ways listed below:

Way 1: Import Pictures with Photos App

The Photos app is the predecessor of iPhoto and does the same job but comes with some added benefits and an upgraded interface. It is a basic method to get photos from iPhone to Mac. It doesn't need anything to get photos to your Mac but it needs iTunes' support for working and for a smoother experience. It is recommended by Apple and it is probably because of iTunes that the Photos app opens automatically on detection. Here's how to use Photos App on Mac:

1. Install the latest version of iTunes on Mac.

2. After installation, connect your iPhone to Mac via USB

3. After detection, the Photos App will be automatically launched on your Mac. If it doesn't do it manually

4. Now, click on the panel and you will see all your iPhone photos on the interface.

5. Choose the photos you need and simply tap on the "Import" button

photos app import mac

All the chosen photos will be imported now. That's it!

Way 2: Share Photos with Airdrop

Airdrop is a purely wireless form of data transfer. It is a very unique feature limited to iOS devices that can help you send photos or files from your iPhone to Mac just by using Internet connection or Wi-Fi. Compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite/ macOS High Sierra /El Capitan/ macOS Sierra/ and newer models of iPhones, it is a viable data transfer channel but it is completely dependent on a fast Internet. A slight dip in the connection can interrupt the transfer and render the whole process unsuccessful. Here's how to get photos from iPhone to Macbook using Airdrop:

1. First, connect your iPhone and Mac to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Get your iPhone and turn on Airdrop. Select "Everyone" in settings.

enable airdrop everyone

3. Now, on your Mac, run the Finder and launch Airdrop. Make sure you select "Everyone" in discovery settings here as well.

set up airdrop mac

4. Now open your Camera Roll on iPhone and select the photos

airdrop iphone

5. Now, tap Share and save to your Mac.

airdrop to mac

All your iPhone photos will be Airdropped to your Mac now!

Way 3: Sync Photos with iCloud

iCloud is a feasible data transfer option if you keep aside the storage limitation it comes with. With 5GB of free space it is tough to use it but being an important part of the whole iOS ecosystem; it is nonetheless a viable option. iCloud comes with an iCloud Photo Library feature that basically syncs data between iDevices when connected to Wi-Fi. It needs to be set up on both iPhone and Mac so as to start the syncing process. These are steps to set up iCloud Photo Library on both devices:

On MacBook/MacBook Pro/Air/iMac/iMac Pro:

1. Open "System Preferences" on your Mac, and go to "iCloud"

2. Open "Options" to find "iCloud Photo Library" feature. Enable it right now!

icloud mac

On iPhone X/8/7/7Plus/6/6S/6Plus/5/5S/SE:

1. Open "Settings", enter your name and tap "iCloud".

2. Now, go to "Photos"

For iOS 10 and earlier, go to "Settings, then "iCloud" and finally to "Photos & Camera"

enable icloud photo library iphone

3. Find and turn on "iCloud Photo Library"

This will start the syncing process automatically whenever you are inside Wi-Fi connectivity. You can get the synced photos inside the Photos app on your Mac. So, this way you can get pictures from iPhone to Mac with iCloud.

Way 4: Send Photos with Email

Emailing is a good option when it comes to sending photos to Mac. Users often overlook this simple method of transfer and we literally use this everyday in our office, home etc. Though it is effective, it is not suitable to transfer a large quantity of photos via Email. Here the steps below on how to get pics from iPhone to Mac using Email:

1. Open your camera roll or album, and choose the photos you want to transfer

2. Tap the "Mail" option from the list after pressing the Share option.

email photos iphone

3. A new email window will open with the attached selected pictures.

share iphone photos to email

4. Simply, enter your email address and tap send.

Now, go to your Mac and open your email account. Find the email and download the images from attachments to any desired location inside your Mac.

So, here are our top picks when it comes to the easy ways to transfer of photos from iPhone to Mac. All these are tried and tested and all are effective. Follow the steps carefully and assess the cons of each so as to choose the suitable one for you. When it comes to a flawless method on how to get photos from iPhone to iMac, and which doesn't come with a con whatsoever, it is none other than Tenorshare iCareFone. It simply beats all these methods and takes our crown here in this article. We highly recommend this amazing software for all your picture transferring needs. Don't miss it!

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