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Full Guide to Download iPhone Photos to Mac

Apple provides various methods of data transfer through its in-house apps. They are effective but also comes with certain restrictions. There is iCloud and its Photo Library function is adored by a lot of users. There is also iTunes, but it is not very popular anymore due to its poor performance. There are a few new apps that Apple has introduced like Photo App, AirDrop etc. A few third-party apps are also holding the market. So, if you are looking for how to download photos from iPhone to Mac, you can look through all of these apps and how they perform and then make an educated decision. So, let's get started.

Part 1: Download Photos from iPhone to Mac Directly

Downloading photos from iPhone to Mac directly is a very simple process and in this way there is no risk of data loss. These ways are independent of Internet connectivity and doesn't depend on any software or functions. Also, it is faster as well. A few direct ways to download photos from iPhone to Mac are as follows:

Way 1: Using Third-party Transfer Tool

Aside from the numerous apps certified by Apple, there are a lot of third-party apps available. These apps also works as efficiently and even better.Tenorshare iCareFone is one such third-party app. This particular app supports all of the iOS devices namely, iPhone X, 8,7/6/6S/5/5S/SE etc and the data transfer of the app is significantly faster than other apps and methods. There is no risk of data loss and all the transferred photos or data will be fully accessible. It is available for both Mac and Windows. It can transfer any type of photo files irrespective of the nature, size and amount. The steps to transfer pictures using Tenorshare iCareFone are mentioned below…

1. Download and install the app from the official website.

2. Run it on your Mac.

3. Now, connect the iPhone and Mac using a USB cable.

main interface mac icarefone

4. After Mac detects the device go to "File Manager" and click on "Photos" from the list.

file types icarefone mac

5. Now, you need to select the photos you want to send and then click on "Export" to transfer the images. You can also preview the images before transfer.

export photos from iphone

As per user's recommendation and our tests, Tenorshare iCareFone is the best app on the market right now. It has proven its values by providing safe and secure transfer of your photos or any type of data.

Way 2: Using Photos App

Photos app is the upgraded version of the decommissioned iPhoto. It is essentially iPhoto with some improved functionalities. The app was designed to store and organize your photos and videos, regardless if they are old or new. You can also use the app to share your photo collection with other iDevices as well. It is recommended by Apple, to have iTunes pre-installed on your computer before using Photos app. So, by keeping this in mind, here are the steps to use the Photos app for direct photo transfer.

1. Download the latest iTunes and install on your Mac.

2. Run the Photos app.

3. Now, connect both your iPhone and Mac via a USB cable.

4. After your device is recognized, click on the "Import" tab.

5. Now, choose the photos you want to send among your collection.

6. After selecting them you can send them to Mac.

import photos from photos app mac

Although it is a new app, it has gained a lot of popularity among iPhone users. It needs iTunes support to work smoothly.

Part 2: Download Photos from iPhone to Mac Wirelessly

The wireless data transfer practically provides user the freedom to transfer data anywhere and anytime. The transfer method is also very simple and you do not need any USB cable or prepare your iOS device for anything, just open the app and press send to transfer the data. But risk of data loss is high and you will need a stable Wi-Fi- connection always. A few very effective wireless data transfer methods are elaborated below…

Way 1: Using Airdrop

The newest and fastest in Apple's arsenal is AirDrop. AirDrop is able to transfer data to various iOS devices wirelessly. It is efficient and there is no risk of data loss. The method to transfer photos with AirDrop is mentioned below…

1. Get your iPhone and MacBook/Air connected to the same Wi-Fi.

2. For iOS 11 users, having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on automatically activates Airdrop. You can do it manually by going inside Control center

3. Now choose "Everyone"

iphone airdrop

4. On your Mac, run Airdrop and turn on the discovery settings to "Everyone"

mac airdrop settings

5. From your camera roll, choose the required pictures for Airdrop

select photos airdrop

6. After choosing, simply tap on Share

sharing airdrop

7. Accept and save to Mac now.

So, here's how to download pictures from iPhone to Mac using Airdrop.

Way 2: From iCloud Photo Library

iCloud is one of the most attractive apps provided by Apple. It is not the shiny interface that attracts users but the various user-friendly features and mostly the iCloud Photo Library. If you own more than a single iOS device then you must use iCloud Photo Library. This function syncs all of your photos in one place and you can access them from any one of the connected devices. To use this function you must activate iCloud Photo Library on all of your devices.

Activate iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone:

1. Take out your iPhone and go to "Settings".

2. Then connect the device to the Wi-Fi network.

3. Then tap on your name before entering iCloud.

4. Now, go in and turn on the switch beside "iCloud Photo Library" option to activate it.

enable icloud photo library iphone

Activate iCloud Photo Library on your Mac:

1. Open your Mac and connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.

2. Open Photos App on Mac and go to the Photos option at the top.

3. Navigate to "Preferences" and click on the iCloud tab.

4. A list of options will be opened, choose the "iCloud Photo Library" among them to turn it on.

icloud photo library mac

After the activation, all the photos will be synced automatically, and it will take a few hours to sync all of the photos. You can get access to the photos in the Photos app. This is how to download pics from iPhone to Mac using iCloud. A major con of this method is the fact that you only have 5GB of free storage space in iCloud. If you want more space, you must pay for it.

Way 3: From iMessage

iMessage was primarily designed for the purpose of conversation between iOS users, but like other messaging apps you can also send small bytes of data through the app. If you want to send a few pictures or small videos via the app from iPhone to Mac then you need to activate iMessage on your Mac.

1. Open the message app on your Mac

2. Then go to "Preferences"

messages app preferences mac

3. After that click on the "Accounts" tab

select accounts tab messages app mac

4. Now, you will be asked for your Apple ID, provide it by logging-in

apple id messages app mac

5. After you do that, select the "Enable this account" option.

enable this account meesages mac

6. Now that your iMessage account is open on Mac, just select the photos you want from Camera Roll and tap the Share icon to select Message tab. Enter the same Apple ID logged in your Mac and you can easily send and download pictures from iPhone to Mac instantly.

send iphone photos to message

So, basically, all of these apps perform well and provides security for your data. Most of these apps are a feasible answer to a typical question like " How to download photos from iPhone to Macbook?". Each of these methods is tested by us as well as by many users around the globe and they have reported positively. But when it comes to the best method here, it is simply the Tenorshare iCareFone software. This third-party app is the best iOS data transfer tool available now. It is exceptional, offers fast transfer speeds and provides other valuable services that can be really helpful to make your iPhone/iPad to work at its fullest capabilities.

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