2 Free Ways to Sync Music, Movies and Playlists from iPhone to iTunes

One of the key functions in the iOS ecosystem is that you can sync your iPhone with the iTunes app and get access to your data from any device. So, as you can guess this feature is very important for iOS users. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t made it easy for the new users to perform such feat effortlessly. So, basically, they don’t know how to sync iPhone to iTunes. Do not get frustrated, this article will show you the official ways to do it and the unofficial third-party way to do it as well. The methods will be very different but they are both equally reliable. So, let’s get started.

Part 1: How to Sync iPhone to iTunes in 1 Click

When you are trying to sync iPhone to iTunes, it is normal for you to think that the most efficient way to perform that action is by using the iTunes app; in many ways that notion is not true. Yes! iTunes is one of the ways you can do the task and users have been using it for the said purpose for years but now there are lots of other options available for you to choose from.

One of the most trending tools is the Tenorshare iCareFone software. In many ways, its performance is far better than iTunes. First of all this tool supports all kinds of media files like Movies, Music, Podcasts, TV Shows, Playlists, Ringtones and even Audiobooks regardless if they are purchased or downloaded; such quality is unheard of with iTunes. The transfer process is also very simple; you don’t have to repeat the same process every time you are transferring a different type of media like in iTunes. iCareFone lets you do it in one single sweep in both Windows and Mac.

It is known to the world that as an iOS user it is very important for you to sync your iPhone to iTunes. So, if your goal is to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes then you should find out how to transfer data from iPhone to iTunes with this software in just 1-click.

1.    Get Tenorshare iCareFone from the internet.

2.    Install it on your computer and then connect the computer to your iPhone.

3.    When prompted, go to your iPhone and tap on the “Trust This Computer” message to get unrestricted access.

4.    Now, run Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer.

5.    Tap “Transfer Device Media to iTunes” from the list on the left side on the main interface.

transfer device media  to itunes icarefone

6.    The next panel will show all of the available media files on your device, they all will be selected as a default feature.

7.    Now, you just need to unselect everything except for the one you desire and then click on the Transfer button below. Or choose all of them for bulk transfer.

choose data icarefone

8.    After the transfer is completed, you will get a “Transfer Completed” message.

complete transfer  icarefone

Now, that you know how to transfer from iPhone to iTunes using Tenorshare iCareFone, you can clearly see the difference between the official tool and the third-party tool. If you like this app already then there is one other feature that can be of use to you. The “Manage” feature of iCareFone lets you manage 8 different types of files including videos and music. You can also instantly import or export those files between iOS and computer with ease.

Part 2: How to Manually Sync with iTunes

iTunes, one of the oldest iOS apps is still available on the market. There may be only a handful of things that this app isn’t capable of doing but synchronizing different types of media files falls under its jurisdiction. You can easily sync all the Albums, Movies, Books, Playlists, Podcasts etc by using iTunes and even create backups with this app. Basically, if you want to transfer from iPhone to iTunes library, iTunes was considered the only way to complete that task, but it was a long time ago before all of these third-party apps started flooding the market. Not to forget, the buggy interface and the horrible user-experience that iTunes offers. But still, if you are keen to use iTunes but don’t know how to backup iPhone to iTunes, just follow the instructions below:

1.    You must start by updating the iTunes app to the latest version on your computer or download it afresh.

2.    Now, connect your iPhone to your computer with a data cable.

3.    The moment your computer detects the device, iTunes will be launched automatically.

4.    The device icon will be visible on the top left corner of the iTunes panel, it indicates your iPhone.

device icon itunes

5.    Click on that device icon and go to Settings.

6.    Now, you will find a list of different types of contents that can be synced to iTunes.

7.    Click on the type of content you wish to sync.

8.    Now, on the main window click on the box next to sync to synchronize that content.

sync data itunes

This may seem unexpected but syncing with iTunes is also very simple. The problem is that the process is very slow and you have to repeat the same process for different types of media files.


Obviously, you don’t think the easiest way to sync your iPhone to the iTunes, is the app itself. Actually, the thing is iTunes was the greatest app but it was a decade ago but the moment Apple started neglecting the maintenance and proper upgrades, the app started to fall behind. Simply the matter is that it has become outdated and using the same old methods for transferring data. On the other hand, you are getting Tenorshare iCareFone that can complete the job with a single click faster and more efficiently. Go for it and you will find the difference first hand!

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