Top 3 Solutions for Windows 8 Password Recovery

Have you ever run into such a situation where you have to perform a Windows 8 password recovery because you lose contact of the person who set the account? Or you just forgot the newly set Windows 8 password? This could be annoying as you're locked out of your computer. However, you can still solve this problem with a Windows password recovery tool , Windows password recovery disk and Windows command.

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Solution 1: Use Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool

Using Windows password recovery tool is the easiest way to recover lost, forgotten your Windows 8 administrator or standard user password. It can recover both Windows 8.1/8 administrator and standard user password. It unlocks Windows 8 password for various brands of desktops, laptops including Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, Lenovo, ASUS, etc.

Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool in any computer that you have access to. A USB flash drive or a bootable CD/DVD is also needed. Here we take USB for an example to show the detailed steps.

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  • A. Launch the Windows 8 password recovery software and insert the USB flash drive in the computer which you have access to and select your target USB flash drive. Then click "Burn" button to start burning a Windows 8 password recovery USB. windows 8 password recovery
  • B. Click "OK" when burning process is completed, and take out the USB flash drive.
  • C. Insert the burned USB flash drive to the locked computer and after loading you will see the interface of Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool. Then select the target Windows system you want to reset password for on the start page, click "Next".
  • D. Select the Windows account and then click "Next" to crack forgotten Windows 8 password. remove windows 8 password
  • E. Click "Reboot" when you receive the congratulation message. And in the pop-up window click "Restart Now". windows 8 password recovery software

When you've finished with all these steps and your computer restarts, you will find you have successfully recovered Windows 8 password with the Windows password recovery tool. In addition, you can also choose to reset Windows 8 password to new one.

Solution 2: Use a Windows 8 Password Recovery Disk Created Beforehand

In Windows 8, there's a Windows password reset wizard that allows you to create a Windows 8 reset disk in advance with which you can reset your lost Windows 8 password.

Note: The Windows 8 password reset trick below only works if you're using a local account.
  • A. Click "Reset password" if Windows 8 says password incorrect. You should be looking at "Welcome to the Password Reset Wizard", click "Next". recover windows 8 password
  • B. Insert your previously-created Windows 8 password reset disk, choose it, and click "Next".
  • C. Now you should be seeing "Password Reset Wizard" window, enter a new password, enter it again to confirm, click "Next" to finish Windows 8 password reset.
  • D. Click "Finish" to complete.

Note that this is a precaution that you should do when you still remember your Windows 8 password. If the password if already lost, you will have to rely on the Windows password recovery tool in Tip 1 to regain access to Windows 8.

Solution 3: Use Windows 8 Command Prompt to Hack Windows 8 Password

If you have another user account which has admin privileges, you can easily unlock Windows 8 password by using "lusrmgr.msc" command.

  • A. First of all log into Windows 8 as administrator. Then click Start, type in the Run box (press "Win+R" keys to open Run Box) "lusrmgr.msc" in the Search Box or Run Box.
  • B. When "Local Users and Groups" dialog appears, open "Users" folder. Right-click a user account and select "Set Password". windows 8 password recovery command
  • C. When a dialog pops up, type a new password twice, and click "OK".

    Note: This method could also help you crack Windows 8 password, whereas it may make you lose access to all encrypted files, stored passwords, and personal security certificates in your computer.

Compared with Tip 2 and Tip 3, Tip 1 provides a more reliable solution as the Windows password recovery tool could recover Windows 8 login password of any kind. You can choose the most suitable one based on your own situation. As you've been familiar with how to recover Windows 8 password, feel free to share these solutions with your friends.

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