Tips to Record iTunes Radio Station You should Know

Why Mac iTunes Radio Recorder is Necessary?

Are you fond of listen iTunes radio? It is funny but it requires Internet connection. Do you want to listen iTunes radio stations offline? It could be wonderful if you can record music from iTunes Radio so that you can listen to them later even if you are not connected to an Internet connection.

What is iTunes Radio Recorder for Mac?

According to Apple, there is no way to record iRadio on Mac. Fortunately, a free iTunes Radio Recorder program is here for rescue. That's RadioLover (also known as StreamRipperX). It is the Mac Internet Radio Recorder that lets you record songs from iTunes radio stations as individual MP3 files. It records the music directly from your computer sound card in real-time without quality loss. It works on Mac OS X 10.1.5 to 10.2.4. For Windows users, turn to iGetting Audio which enables you to capture any online audios without any quality loss.

How to Record iTunes Radio Stations on Mac?

The iTunes radio recorder tutorial is super easy as following. Here is how to import iTunes radio stations into RadioLover and then record them. Download this open source program on .

  • Step 1. In iTunes, Open the Radio Tuner, and click on a genre title. It will list all the radio stations. iTunes radio recorder
  • Step 2. To import the iTunes radio stations to RadioLover, on the toolbar of RadioLover, select the menu option: iTunes Radio Tuner -> Stations Currently on Display In iTunes. iTunes radio recorder
  • Step 3. Click the disclosure triangle on the left to open this folder. It reveals the radio stations.

    Then a folder labeled "iTunes Radio Tuner…" pops up.

    iTunes radio recorder
  • Step 4. Select one of the radio stations and click the "record" button. RadioLover will try and connect to the radio station and start recording.
  • Step 5. In the right bottom, you can view its recording status. If successful, you will see the name of the current song being broadcast. iTunes radio recorder
  • Step 6. In the main table, you will see information change. The radio name, bit rate, and comments. iTunes radio recorder
  • Step 7. Click the "show music" button display your recordings in Finder. By default, RadioLover will save recordings in a folder named after the radio station, in your Music folder. You will also see a folder called incomplete. This is where RadioLover does a lot of its work. When recordings are finished, it moves them out of this work area.
Note: The recorded iTunes radios will be saved in MP3 format. To make them playable on iPhone/iPad/iPod, try Audio Converter for Mac to convert iTunes radios to AAC. Then transfer your song from your Mac to iTunes and then from iTunes to your device.

Additional information: iTunes Radio VS Pandora

Many users are wondering the difference between iTunes radio and the most famous Internet radio, Pandora. To get a sense of what Apple iTunes Radio really offer. We compared it with Pandora.

  iTunes Radio Pandora
Free option
Premium tier .99/year /year
Platforms iOS, Apple TV, Mac OS, Windows OS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry,
Global reach U.S. U.S., Australia,
New Zealand
Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
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