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Transfer Files from Windows PC to Mac

Top 3 Methods to Transfer Files from Windows to Mac

Jan. 30 10:09 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to Computer Data Recovery
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When you get a new Mac and plan to switch from your old Windows PC to the new Mac, the first thing you should do is to transfer files from Windows PC to Mac. The process is fairly simple, and you can choose any of the 3 methods below to copy files from Windows to Mac.

how to migrate from windows to mac

Method 1: Use Migration Assistant

To move files from Windows PC to Mac using Migration Assistant, follow the tutorial below.

Then you'll have to wait for the file transferring to finish.

Method 2: Use External Hard Drive

The external drives for Mac and PC are mainly NTFS and FAT32. NTFS is the native file system for Windows. FAT32 is a file system that works on all operating systems. Below are features of the 2 file system. Read carefully can choose which to use.

NTFS drives can be read by Macs but not written to. This means that data can be copied from an NTFS drive to a Mac, but you can't write data to this drive from a Mac.

FAT32 supports reading and writing from both Mac and PC, but it has a 4GB file size limit. For this reason if you are transferring files larger than 4GB from PC, you will have to use NTFS.

Note: Check How to Recover Data from Hard Drive if you deleted data on hard drive or formatted the hard drive.

Method 3: Share Folders through Direct Connection

The last method may sound a little complicated compared with the first 2. It requires that you enable the file sharing on Windows PC and then you can connect to the server and copy the shared files from Mac.

Besides copying files from Windows to Mac, you can also use AirDrop to share files between Macs (OS X Mountain Lion and later) and other iOS 7 devices.

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