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iPod touch 5 Backup Extractor for Mac

How to Extract Contacts, Photos, Text Messages from iPod touch 5 Backup to Mac OS X

Jan. 10, 2014 10:29 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to iPod Tips
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I lost my iPod touch 5G and not sure whether to replace it with a new one. If I choose not to, is there a way to extract contacts (and possibly other data) out of the backup so that I could load them somehow (even if only manually) onto my new device?

You might need to extract contents from iPod touch 5G backup to Mac for various reasons like device is lost/broken and want to have the backup contents on your Mac as a backup, which is something that iTunes can't do. In this event, you'll need an iPod touch 5G backup extractor (Mac) (officially named iTunes Data Recovery for Mac), a simple application for Mac users to extract iTunes backup and restore lost contacts, photos, text messages, etc.

iPod touch 5 backup extractor for Mac: Extract iPod touch 5 backup on Mac

iPod touch 5 backup extractor for Mac OS X provides the most time-saving and effortless way to recover lost files on iPod touch 5. It enables you to extract 11 kinds of files from iTunes backup. Check the chart below to see what types of files it supports to extract.

Contacts Messages Camera Rolls
Photos Notes Voice Memos
Safari Bookmarks Reminders Call History
SMS Attachments Calendar  

Besides, there are other merits of this utility that you don't want to miss.

How to extract iPod touch 5 backup on Mac OS

Download the iPod touch 5 backup extractor for Mac tool (or what is called iTunes Data Recovery for Mac), to your computer running Mac OS X (including 10.11, 10.10,10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 and earlier versions) and follow the steps below to extract iPod touch 5 from backup on Mac OS.

Free Trial iTunes Data Recovery Software:
Free Trial Windows Size: 11.0MB
Free Trial Mac Size: 3.59MB

With just 2 steps, you can easily extract contents in iPod touch 5 backup to your computer. When using iPod touch a lot more could happen besides data loss. And you'll need to put iPod touch into recovery mode, factory reset iPod touch, etc. to fix these issues. Just check for details if you need these troubleshooting tips.

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