How To Turn Off iPhone Tracking System in iOS 7/7.1 and Protect Your Privacy

Apple introduced a couple of new things for advertisers in its upcoming iPhone operating system update, iOS 7, forcing more advertisers to use its iPhone tracking system. If you want to protect your privacy and avoid being tracked all the time, read on to learn how to turn off iPhone tracking system in iOS 7 and iOS 7.1.

iPhone Advertising Tracking & iPhone Frequent Location Tracking

Most people don't even know their iPhones track what they do and send that data to advertisers. And Apple makes the iPhone and iOS 7 with tracking in a default "on" position. This advertising tracking is way different from the frequent location tracking.

iPhone Advertising Tracking: The advertising tracking enables Apple to track you when you use iPhone so that advertisers can target you and display well-aimed ads to you.

iPhone Frequent Location Tracking: iOS 7 (and above) will track and record places that you visit most often to provide better location-based data such as in the Today summary of Notification Center.

Note: If you want to use the Find My iPhone app, you will have to enable the iPhone frequent location tracking.

How to Turn Off iPhone Advertising Tracking in iOS 7/7.1

If you don't want advertisers to get your personal data, you can turn off iPhone advertising tracking.

  • 1) Go to the settings app on your iPhone. Now tap on the section labeled "Privacy".
    Note: In iOS 6, if you want to turn off the tracking options, tap on "General" instead of "Privacy".
  • 2) Then you should tap on the section labeled "Advertising".
  • 3) You will be displayed the "Limit Ad Tracking" option. Move the slider button to "on". turn off iphone tracking system in ios 7

This could be a little confusing: To switch ad tracking off, you have to move the "Limit Ad Tracking" to on. Advertisers love this counterintuitive mechanism because most people either don't touch it — in which case tracking is on by default — or they get the on/off decision wrong, leaving the tracking on when they've switched it to off.

Additionally, you can also use the freeware iOS Ads Remover (from Tenorsahre) to block in-app ads on iPhone.

How to Turn Off iPhone Frequent Location Tracking in iOS 7/7.1

  • 1) Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  • 2) Tap on Privacy.
    Note: In iOS 6, the tracking options were not under "Privacy," they were under "General".
  • 3) Tap on Location Services at the top.
  • 4) Towards the bottom of the next screen, tap on System Services > Frequent Locations.
  • 5) At the top of the next screen, turn the Frequent Locations option to the Off position. how to turn off iphone frequent location tracking

Hopefully, the above 2 guides could help you get rid of the iPhone tracking system and protect your personal data. Speaking of iPhone data protection, we've covered guide on how to recover lost iPhone data (including contacts, text messages, photos, notes and more), check for details if you are interested.

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