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How to Recover Deleted, Lost Bookmarks from iPhone 5S on Mac

My bookmarks disappeared after restoring from a backup to a new iPhone 5S through iTunes. (I got my old one replaced when a button stopped working). I figured something with the restore got messed up. Is there a way to get the missing Safari bookmarks back?

For many iPhone 5S users, the Safari bookmarks could just vanished if you fail to restore from old backup, after updating to a newer version of iOS, or just for no reason. How to recover iPhone 5S bookmarks on Mac?

There are two ways to recover iPhone 5S bookmarks: Directly recover them from iPhone 5S and recover them by extracting iTunes backup. To perform the iPhone bookmark recovery, you need to download and install a recovery tool on your computer first: iPhone Data Recovery (support Windows 8.1, 8, 7 and lower), and iPhone Data Recovery for Mac (support Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8 and lower) are the Windows and Mac versions of this software that allows you to perform iPhone 5S Safari bookmark recovery on both Windows and Mac platform.

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How to restore iPhone 5S bookmarks without backup on Mac

If you failed to restore from iTunes backup like the one we described at the beginning of the article or if you have never backed up iPhone 5S with iTunes or iCloud before, the iPhone Data Recovery for Mac tool allows you to recover Safari bookmarks directly from your iPhone 5S.

  • 1) Connect your iPhone 5S to the computer, launch the program and you'll get the interface as follows. There are two recovery modes for you. Choose Recover Data from iOS Device and move to the next step. recover safari bookmarks from iphone 5s on mac
  • 2) The program will then start to scan your iPhone 5S for bookmarks.
  • 3) Scanning should be finished within a few minutes. After that you can preview and check the bookmarks you are to recover. recover iphone 5s bookmarks on mac
  • 4) Lastly select a path to save the recovered bookmarks on your computer.

Besides, iPhone Data Recovery for Mac offers you a way to recover iPhone 5S Safari bookmarks on Mac from previous iTunes backup or iCloud backup if you have one, which share the same steps as the above. The only difference is that when the program interface shows up, choose "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File"; or "Recover Data from iCloud Backup File" instead of "Recover Data from iOS Devices".

Additional Tips: How to create bookmark folders in Safari on iPhone 5S?

Do you know that you can create folders on Safari to better organize your bookmarks? To use this hidden feature in Safari, follow the tutorial below.

  • 1) In Safari, choose the Bookmarks button (looks like the outline of a book at the bottom of the screen) and click Edit on the lower left. retrieve iphone 5s safari bookmarks on mac
  • 2) The New Folder button will appear on the bottom right. Enter the title of the new folder to create and choose the folder to put the new folder in.
  • 3) Click Done. The new folder will appear in the list of bookmarks. Folders and bookmarks can also be reordered or deleted by pressing the Edit button.

In the above paragraphs we mainly focus on tips for using iPhone 5S bookmarks. Additionally, we've covered tips for using other apps on iPhone 5S, for instance, the post Top 10 Must-known WhatsApp Tips. Check for details if you're interested.

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