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2 Solutions if You Want to Recover Data from Water Damaged iPhone

Aug. 15, 2013 11:50 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to iPhone Tips
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My iPhone 4 was water damaged, how can I get data from iPhone?

recover data from water damaged iphone

It's just so easy to get iPhone dropped to water or other liquids. When this happens, how could you get through this nightmare and retrieve data from water damaged iPhone? The solutions offered in this post might be of some help to you.

Solution 1: Try to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

When your iPhone is dropped to water or other liquids you should follow steps below and maybe there's still a chance to get your iPhone back to normal.

Note:Don't use heat to try to speed up the drying process as you're likely to damage the phone.

After a couple of days take out the handset. If you've taken it apart, you'll need to reassemble it, and see if it powers on. In another post, we've covered detailed steps to fix water damaged iPhone, you can click and read this article.

Solution 2: Retrieve Data from Water Damaged iPhone with Third Party Tool

If luck is not on your side and solution 1 couldn't help you to turn on your iPhone, you can use iPhone Data Recovery for Mac, a professional data recovery tool, to recover data from water damaged iPhone on Mac. This way you can at least keep all important iPhone contacts, photos, text messages, etc. for future use. Just download iPhone Data Recovery from Tenorshare's website and follow steps below to see how to recover data from water damaged iPhone 5s on Mac. If you're running Windows OS, you can download the Windows version which is named iPhone Data Recovery.

Free Trial Tenorshare UltData (iPhone Data Recovery) Software:
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If the hardware (for instance, the CPU) of your iPhone is not damaged, you can select "Recover Data from iOS Devices" and directly restore data from water damaged iPhone.

If you cannot scan data from iPhone, chances are that the hardware of iPhone is damaged. In this case you could use another recovery mode iPhone Data Recovery for Mac provides: Recover Data from iTunes Backup File. To use this mode, make sure you have backed up or synced iPhone with iTunes on your computer. Steps to use are much the same as the above. The only difference is that instead of connect iPhone to Mac you need to select your iPhone 5 backup file to scan.

how to recover data from water damaged iphone

As you've learnt about how to recover data from water damaged iPhone, you can feel free to use these solutions for your iPhone, for instance, recover data from water damaged iPhone 4. It's highly recommended that use the first solution as your first option. If solutions 1 fails, don't hesitate to let iPhone Data Recovery for Mac help you restore all the iPhone data.

Get Tenorshare UltData (iPhone Data Recovery for Mac) Now:
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