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iPhone 4 Backup File Extractor for Mac

iPhone 4 Backup Extractor for Mac: An Easy Way to Restore iPhone 4 Data on Mac

Aug. 28, 2014 11:37 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to iTunes Tips
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The iTunes backup is an important file for all iPhone 4 users, which saves a lot of people from iPhone 4 data loss tragedies. However, it still has its defects. For instance, you can use the iTunes backup to restore the whole contents of the backup to iPhone. Selective recovery is not available.

recover data from iphone 4 on mac

Actually, you can do more with the backup if you got an iPhone 4 Backup Extractor for Mac (also named iTunes Data Recovery for Mac).

What Can iPhone 4 Backup Extractor for Mac Do?

This Mac iPhone 4 Backup Extractor is capable of a lot tricks that iTunes cannot do. The list below might give you a general idea of what iPhone 4 Backup Extractor can do for you.

How to Extract iPhone 4 Backup on Mac with iPhone 4 Backup Extractor for Mac

If you happen to loss data on iPhone 4, for instance, after iOS update or iPhone jailbreak, you can download iPhone 4 Backup Extractor for Mac or iPhone 4 Backup Extractor (Windows version) to your computer and try it yourself.

Note: Make sure you have the iPhone backup in your computer before you use the backup extractor.
Free Trial iTunes Data Recovery Software:
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Step 1.Open iPhone 4 Backup File Extractor for Mac and Scan Backup Files

Run iPhone 4 Backup Extractor for Mac on your computer. The program will then automatically detect and list a copy of backup files for all your iDevices. Check the exact backup that you want to extract. In the image below, the backup named Jerry is the one we need.

mac iphone 4 backup extractor

Step 2. Preview and Select Photos, Contacts and More

All files will be listed on the interface of iPhone 4 Backup Extractor for Mac according to their types after scanning. You need then preview and check those you want to recover.

iphone 4 backup file extractor for mac

Step 3. Extract iPhone 4 Backup on Mac OS X

Finally click "Recover" and in the pop-up window select a path to save the extracted photos, contacts, notes and more. By default, the recovered files will be saved to a folder on the desktop.

In addition, you can feel free to extract iPhone 4 backup on Mac with iPhone 4 Backup Extractor for Mac using exactly the same steps. You could even extract important iPhone 4 contents to Mac as a backup. By doing this you'll not have to worry about anything that cause you lose iPhone 4 data.

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