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How to Lock iPad and Keep Data Safe

The iPad is a wonderful device, but like your PC, it can contain quick access to information you may not want everyone to see. Or you don't want children in your house to gain Internet access through your iPad. For all these reasons, it would be a good idea if you know how to lock iPad.

Besides, a passcode can stop strangers from viewing your info if you unfortunately lose your iPad or it gets stolen. Read this article to learn how to lock iPad before and after iPad is lost or stolen.

Note: Before you lock iPad, it's highly recommended that you backup iPad first. With the backup, you can restore iPad data if you forget iPad password and resort to the article factory reset iPad which could clear all your data. In addition, you can use iPad Data Recovery to restore lost contacts, notes, photos, etc. if iPad data is lost.

How to Set a Password to Lock iPad

If your iPad hasn't got a password, follow the simple steps below to set a passcode and lock iPad.

  • 1. Turn on iPad and go to settings.
  • 2. Locate the general settings on the left-side menu. Tick "General" and you will get a list of options on the right of the window.
  • 3. Choose Passcode Lock. Choosing the option will load a new screen that looks similar to the one pictured above this article. how to lock ipad

For most users the default 4-digit passcode should be OK. If you are more worried about losing your iPad or having it stolen, you can use an alphanumeric password. You can choose an alphanumeric password by turning off the Simple Passcode option.

How to Remotely Lock iPad after iPad is Stolen

You can prevent someone from using your lost iOS device or Mac by remotely locking the device with a passcode -- a number that must be entered before the device can be used. To do this on iPad, you must enable Find My iPhone on iPad first: Go to Setting > iCloud > Find My iPhone. Then turn on the Find My iPhone option.

Suppose your iPad is stolen, the following steps show you how to lock iPad remotely.

  • 1. Log into iCloud.com and click on the Find My iPhone icon.
  • 2. Then click on the Devices button, choose the device you've lost, and check out its info window that pops up.
  • 3. Find the Lost Mode. If you select that, iCloud.com will walk you through some steps. If you don't have a passcode set on iPad, iCloud will make you pick one. lock ipad

The Find My iPhone app allows you to do more than locking iPad remotely. You can check the post How to Use Find My iPhoneto get more details including how to ring an alarm and track the location of lost iDevice.

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