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Transfer Files from Android Phone

Top 3 Methods to Transfer and Share Files from Android Phone

Sep. 12, 2013 10:50 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to Android Tips
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Want to share wonderful photos, videos, documents, apps and other files from Android phone? This sounds not easy especially if you are a green hand. Read this article and you'll find 3 different ways to transfer files from Android phone.

Transfer Files between Nearby Mobile Phone via Bluetooth

Most mobile devices have Bluetooth as default hardware.  For users of Windows Phone 8, Android phone, BlackBerry, etc., Bluetooth can be used to transfer files wirelessly between nearby mobile devices and computers. You can now transfer files across different OS if the 2 mobile devices is close to each other. However, iPhone is an exception and it doesn't support file transfer via Bluetooth. Additionally, transferring any files larger than 20MB is not supported by Bluetooth.

transfer android files via bluetooth

The following steps show you how to transfer files via Bluetooth on Android phone.

Possibly you might press the wrong button and delete important files whiles transferring them. If this ever happens to you, try to use Android Data Recovery to rescue your lost contacts, text messages, photos, etc.

Share Android Files Wirelessly Using Dropbox

If you uploaded files to your Dropbox app on Android, you can then share a link to the file so the other person can download it directly from your Dropbox account. With Dropbox you can have photos you take automatically upload to your Dropbox account and then share it from your Android phone.

share android files with dropbox

Follow the tutorials to learn how to share Android files with Dropbox.

Share a link: If you choose this option, you will need to choose email, Twitter, Facebook, SMS or other methods to deliver this link. And then your recipient will get a link to open and view the file.

Share this file: Choosing this option, you will then have the option to send the file via email using one of the installed mail clients.

Transfer Android Files via Email

Maybe you've already used email to transfer or share files on Android with friends. It's easy and doesn't require another app to help. You just need to launch the email app on your Android phone, attach the file you need to share and then send this email.

Guess must have already found the best way to share Android files. If you want to get more info about your Android devices, for instance, How to Speed Up Android Phone, continue to read.

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