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How to Recover Deleted, Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy S4/S3/Note 3/Note 2

Oct. 30, 2014 9:20 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to Samsung Tips
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How to recover/restore deleted data from Samsung Galaxy? It's a problem that bothers many Samsung Galaxy users. Unfortunately, Android doesn't come with a trash bin that allows you to restore deleted files. Is it impossible to recover lost text messages, photos and contacts from Samsung Galaxy?

samsung galaxy data recovery

Yes, positively! You can not only recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy, but also recover data from Samsung Galaxy after factory reset, updating Android, rooting, etc. The only thing you need is the Tenorshare Samsung Data Recovery tool.

Recover Lost Photos, Contacts, Text Messages with Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery

The Samsung Galaxy data recovery tool is a great data recovery tool for all Android devices running any Android OS such as Android M (6.0), Android Lollipop (5.1/5.0), Android KitKat (4.4). It can help you:

As we're talking about Samsung Galaxy data recovery, we list some of the Galaxy smartphones Tenorshare Android Data Recovery supports.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Samsung Galaxy J
Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Galaxy Exhibit
Samsung Galaxy S3 Galaxy S Blaze Samsung Galaxy Ace and more

How to Recover Deleted, Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy

How to get deleted files on Samsung Galaxy back with the Tenorshare Android Data Recovery tool? The tutorial below is the answer to your question.

With all these steps done, the deleted files could now be recovered and saved on your computer. If you have Android smartphones or tablets of other brands, you can also use Tenorshare Android Data Recovery to recover deleted items.

Note: For those in the mood to change from Android phone to iPhone, you may want to learn how to transfer data from Android phone to iPhone, which will give you a brief guide.

Background Info: Why is Deleted Data on Samsung Galaxy Recoverable?

When photos, videos and other data on Samsung Galaxy are deleted, or when memory card error happens and files are lost, all the data still remains on your Samsung galaxy smartphone and tablet. Only the files entries in file table, just like the table of contents of a book, are deleted, and the space is made available for new files. As long as you do not save other data to your phone and overwrite the original data, the lost data are recoverable.

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