Samsung Tablet Won’t Turn On, How to Fix!

Are you a Samsung user? Well, if you are a Samsung user then this article with benefit you a lot. There are numbers of Samsung users who are facing different issue regarding their device and Samsung phone won't turn on is one among them. Whether you own a Samsung phone or tablet, if you are facing this problem then the solution will be same for both the device. Today, I will be showing you some of the possible reason due to which this problem may occur with some solutions. Below, I have cited one of the Samsung user issue regarding his Samsung tablet won't turn on.

"I've had my tablet charging for over an hour now and it won't turn on. It doesn't even show the battery charging loading screen. I've held down on the power button for long periods of time but it ends up as just a black screen. I don't know what to do... My parents are gonna kill me if they know my tablets not working".
Question is from the forums of Tomes Guide.

Part 1: The Causes of your Samsung Tablet Won't Turn On and How to Fix It

1. Charging Issues

Many of time it has been found that the tablet won't turn on because of the charging issue. You need to charge your device for good amount of time so that the battery gets enough juice and helps to turn on the device. Try to use some other charger that is working fine in other device because sometime their might be fault in charger due to which the device is not being charged. This should fix your issue and if this doesn't fix then head to next method.

2. Connections is Not Well

The next cause of Samsung Galaxy tablet won't turn on is problem in connection. First you need to check whether your power socket is working properly or not and then second you need to check your Charger (if you have dock charger and USB cable then check both separately because fault in one can cause you face this problem). Once everything is checked and seems working then charge your device for around 10-20 minutes and see whether your device is working or not.

3. Dirt and Dust

Sometimes due to dirt and dust on your USB cable or device charging port or USB port might be causing this problem. You might be wondering how this is possible. Well, if these things are not clean then your device won't be charged properly which will result you to face this problem. The best way to get out of this problem is to use compressed air to clean the port where there is any dirt and dust. You can even use some dust removable instrument to clean the port but make sure not to damage the port while cleaning it.

4. Troubleshoot Your Cable

As I have mentioned above sometimes your USB charging cord might be malfunctioning. To ensure whether the USB cable is working properly or not, try to charge other Android device with this cable and see if it charges the device or not. If it works then the problem is something else otherwise get the new and working USB cable to get rid of your Samsung tablet won't turn on problem.

5. Operating System

Have you ever thought that operating system might also be the reason behind why my Samsung tablet won't turn on. Yes, it could be one of the unexpected reason behind this issue. Some of the users have reported that their operating system got corrupted due to which the device was not turning on. If this is the case then you need to install the new operating system to make your device work. If your device is turning on but you are not able to pass the start-up screen then you should understand your operating system got corrupted.

6. Stuck in Power Off Mode

There might be the possibility that your device is stuck in power off mode. Sometimes when you turn off your tablet and then tries to turn it on, your device may be frozen and lagged in the sleep mode or stuck in power off mode. Try to charge your tablet for 10-20 minutes and try the given process.

samsung tablet won't turn on

Part 2: How to Rescue the Data On Samsung Tablets That Will Not Turn On

If your Samsung tablet is not turning on even after trying a lot of solution that might have worked for other users then you just have only one option left. You better rescue all the data of your tablet and store it to your computer as data and information are more valuable than the device. UltData - Android Data Recovery is one such tool that can rescue all the data of your device. This tool can recover all the lost contacts, videos, photos, message and many more with an ease. The best part about this tool is that, it supports most of the Android phones and tablets.

Note: Please download Tenorshare UltData - Android Data Recovery and install it to your computer in advance.

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Step by step on how to rescure the data on Samsung tablets which will not turn on

Step 1 First launch UltData - Android Data Recovery on your computer and connect your device using USB synchronizer.

main interface of ultdata for android

Step 2 Now choose the file types that you want to backup on your computer. Click on "Next" option to start the scanning process.

scan the file of your device

Step 3 Select the file that you want to recover and click on "Recover" option. Choose the location of your computer and click on "Save" button. Soon your file will be stored on your computer.

choose the location to save file

In the above article it has shown the possible reason due to which my Samsung phone won't turn on and even its solution. You even got to know how to rescue the data from Android device with an ease using UltData - Android Data Recovery. Now you don't need to worry even if you delete any item from your Android device, you can easily get back using this tool. Comment below, what was your problem due to which you were not able to turn-on your tablet.

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