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A Complete Guide to Soft Reset Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Phone resetting function is in-built in every android phone we buy. A reset on phone is performed when you need it to be exactly like the way it was when you first purchased it. This is done generally to rectify the glitches in the phone’s performance. The situations during which you may need to reset your device are, when you get locked out of your phone, when you have forgotten the unlock code, when your phone freezes and stops functioning completely, when some or all of your apps start working very slow etc. Depending on how serious an issue is, the phone reset is performed. In this article we’ll talk about how to and when to soft reset Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.

Part 1: What is Soft Reset on Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Soft reset is the most easiest and simplest form of resetting any android device. It is basically switching off and then switching on your phone. Everyone would have tried to soft reset their phones many a times. It is just that the power button is the thing which is different for different phones, otherwise the procedure remains the same.

Part 2: When Need to Soft Reset Samsung S7/S7 Edge

Soft reset Samsung S7 can be done when your phone is displaying some simpler forms of issues like when the phone’s screen freezes or hangs for a long period of time. In such situations, a simple reboot of your phone will resolve these kind of simple functionality issues. Soft reset should be the first thing you should try when you face any kind of issues like not receiving text messages, incorrect date and time, touch screen not responding, network related issues or any other minor issues related to software functioning.

Unlike other reset methods, a soft reset would never lead to loss of any data stored in your phone.

Part 3: How to Soft Reset Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

If your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone is having any minor functionality issues, Samsung S7 soft reset can be performed to restore the performance of the phone. You can know how to soft reset Galaxy S7 by following the steps below.

Step 1: Press the power button and hold it till the options are displayed on the phone.

Step 2: From the three options being displayed on the screen, tap on the first option “Power Off”.

soft reset samsung galaxy s7 edge

After waiting for a little while you can switch on your phone using the side power button and hopefully the minor issue you were dealing with earlier should be sorted. This is how you can soft reset S7.

Part 4: Extra Tip: What is Hard Reset And How To Hard Reset Galaxy S7/Edge

Unlike soft reset S7 Edge, a hard reset of your phone will lead to the loss of all the stored data in your phone and it will reset your phone to the original settings. It will be as good as new operating system wise. Performing a hard reset on your phone should be the last option you are resorting to as after performing a hard reset you would end up losing the entire data and if you haven’t stored any backup of these files, you will lose it permanently.

The procedure of hard resetting any android phone varies from one phone to another. The procedure to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S7 is as follows.

Step 1: Turn off your phone and wait for a little while, for a few seconds.

Step 2: Press these three buttons simultaneously and hold them: Volume Up, Power Button and Home Button.

Step 3: You can navigate through the options using the Volume Up and Volume Down button, and you can select using the Power Button.

how to hard  reset galaxy s7

Step 4: Using the buttons mentioned in the previous step, navigate and select Recovery Mode.

Step 5: Once you enter Recovery Mode, navigate and select “Wipe Data Factory Setting”.

Step 6: Go back to the main menu and select “Reboot System Now” by tapping on it.

hard  reset samsung galaxy s7

Your phone will then reboot and all your data will be erased. The phone data can be easily restored by choosing any of your recent phone memory backups.

Final Words

Creating phone data backup should be practiced on a regular basis to prevent loss of data during the situations mentioned above. This way you can easily restore all the erased data. You should always keep soft reset as the first option, if that doesn’t work only then hard reset should be opted for. If in case you get locked out of your phone or forget your security unlock password, Tenorshare 4uKey for Andorid software can be used to effectively unlock your phone without the need of a passcode.

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