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wow, really fixed my blurry videos.
by Sabo

I can't believe that I can fix with this tool, but a disatisfied part is that it will stuck if I import a large video.

I have no idea about how to fix this corrupted video, but this tool helped me a lot.
by Mullna

Great!!! I just want to recommend this to my friend, especially for beginners when they run into damaged videos. As a matter of fact, I love it very much.

A blurry video is repaired, thanks!!
by Moody

My favorite tool this time. Have tried a lot of other programs in the market, and found that this video repair is one of the best I’ve ever used. It helped me to repair a blurry video.

Fix my damaged MP4 Youtube videos successfully.
by Lanbert

So..good and I wanna say thanks to this software. Because I just downloaded a MP4 from YouTube yesterday, and somehow, it couldn’t play with some errors alert. However, this tool saves my life, lol.

Good to use and corrupted videos are fixed perfectly!!!
by Franky

OMG, this is wonderful. My corrupted videos have been repaired successfully. I never noticed that some of my videos are destroyed by mistakenly operation on my computer.

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