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Fast and simple program
by Edison

Since I have this great tool to keep iTunes library tidy, I no longer have duplicated songs. Neither do I have albums with missing info. You've done such a nice job!

Delete duplicates efficiently
by Geoff

Tested it on my iTunes, and my iTunes libray are now free from duplicates.

Nice tool
by Egbert

I used to have a bunch of songs and albums that have no detailed information like artists, track names, etc. It turns out that the Music Cleanup not only helps to clean up my iTunes but also enables me to edit information of albums.

Really smart
by Dave

It detects and organizes the artists of the album automatically, really a smart program.

Professional music management software!
by Basil

When iTunes can't read a song's meta data correctly, it lists it under "Unknown Artist". And when I rip music from CDs, the music just shows as "Track 1", "Track 2"- That's very annoying.

Excellent Tool!
by Dana

Thanks! This was so simple and helpful and I'm able to make my iTunes more organized.

Worth to try.
by Clare

This iTunes music organizer helps to clean out the duplicated music files and free up space in an easy way.

Great music folder organizer
by Franklin

Whoever comes up with the idea of developing this tool must have a brilliant mind. It really saves me a lot of trouble and cleaning iTunes library is so easy.

Multiple music manager
by Barnett

iTunes music cleanup is able to manage music in iTunes as well as the local music

Easy tool to organize iTunes library
by Milo

Excellent cleaner for iTunes. I have tried many others and none have the ability to perform so many functions in such a quick and easy way.

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