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Definitely a nice data recuce tool for Windows users
by Clifford

All the files are recovered. I have also tried other similar products. Any Data Recovery is the best and definitly worthy trying.

Many thanks
by Didi

My wife accidentally deleted the thesis I've been preparing for more than 2 months. It's this life saver that found them back for me even if the thesis had been cleared from my dust bin. A thousand thanks!

by Earl

I formatted my Seagate external hard drive, all my photos, Doctor Paper, business PDFs are gone. That's really awful. Fortunately, I found this amazing data recovery software. Guess what? All the data were scanned and recovered!

It does work as advertised
by Afield

My partitions can't be recognized. I use this software to restore partition table and recovered 250GB data. Though it costs a few, but considering the lost data, I would say it's a wise deal.

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